Real Estate Virtual Photography

Real Estate Virtual Photography

We can no longer ignore the fact that social networks have changed our lives forever. The abundance of photos and images that surrounds us every day makes us selective. Requirements for the quality of photos are constantly growing, visuals need more and more. And if we still can do something with the photos that we post on social networks using multiple filters, then this trick will not work with real estate photos. A potential buyer, looking at an ad, wants to see not just a beautiful picture, he wants to see the most detailed and realistic image.

Think back to the real estate ads you’ve seen lately. As a rule, in the photographs, the property, the entrance to it and the courtyard are taken from the height of a human being and are not fully visible. The client still has room for imagination and this is not the best idea. By the way, uploading 10 photos of the same object only from different angles is not the best idea too. No one has time to look at the same house from different angles and try to guess how it really looks. So instead of taking 10 bad photos, it’s better to take one, but good.

How to make quality real estate photo?

There are actually many ways, but one of the most progressive is, of course, a drone. With it we can take stunning pictures, show the property from the advantageous side, giving your potential clients a clear idea of how everything really looks like. Modern equipment allows us to make drone virtual tour of real estate, which will explain to the client as quickly and clearly as possible:

  • how the real estate actually looks;
  • what is its area (most of us find it difficult to imagine 10 acres of patio is it a lot or a little, the drone will put everything in its place and show everything clearly);
  • how far away neighbors live;
  • which side is better to drive up to the house;
  • where are the main transport interchanges;
  • how developed is the infrastructure in this area, etc.

But let’s not forget that showing real estate from the outside is not enough. In addition, we need to show how everything looks inside. For this, except high-quality photography, we also have several progressive tools, and one of them is a virtual staging. With its help, you can virtually furnish a property anew and show how cozy it can be, even if it is now completely empty.

Contact us and we will show your property from the best side.

Virtual Tour for Real Estate

Virtual Tour for Real Estate

The global circumstances in which we have to live are changing rapidly. Increasingly frequent virus attacks have caused tectonic shifts in the way of life for most of us. Of course this also applies to real estate agents. Each time they have to look for more and more new tools for their work, and virtual tour for real estate is one of them.

Contrary to common stereotypes, this tool has no less cons than pros. Those who have been working with real estate for a long time and use virtual tours in their work probably know what this is about. But we will start all the same with the pros, if only because they are more obvious.

Pros of virtual tours for real estate companies

1. You are doing a great service to a potential client.

Indeed, what could be better than strolling through some new home without leaving your room. You don’t even need to take off your pajamas and call anywhere, negotiate with anyone, adjust the schedule and get stuck in traffic. All you need for a virtual tour is fast internet. If you think that this is only about introverts, then no. None of us likes to leave the boundaries of psychological comfort unnecessarily, so we even prefer to write messages more often than call.

Before a client decides to contact you and make an appointment, he will scrupulously study every letter and every image in the ad. Therefore, agents who give a minimum of information and limit themselves to 3-4 general photos are always very annoying. This is not how things are done. Buying a property is not a love story, so intrigue is not necessary here. Tell and show in your ad as much as you can and you will win the client’s trust even at the stage of distance introduction.

2. The tour saves the agent’s time.

Agreeing on dozens of meetings and conducting an excursion to each client take a lot of time and effort. A virtual tour maker allows you at the same time provide such information to hundreds of potential customers with just one click. There is no need to meet with them in person and disturb the owners every time if they still live in the house.

By the way, if someone really live in the house that is for sale, then a virtual tour can be a salvation. We are sure you will agree that the owner doesn’t always has time for a general cleaning before each visit. But a mess can so strongly affect the emotions of a sensitive potential buyer that he won’t even pay attention to a large, cozy courtyard and a comfortable layout.

3. The virtual tour allows you to manage the emotions of the client.

Taking a photo shoot on a sunny day and filming the room from the right angles is the best way to impress a client. On a virtual tour he is not distracted by extraneous sounds or smells that may be present in the house. But light is still of great importance. The potential buyer may come to see the house in the evening and that’s why he will never know how the living room is flooded with light at noon. When you pay to a virtual tour creator you decide what to draw the viewer’s attention to, and this gives you some control over the situation.

High cost and other cons of virtual tours

If we talk about an interactive tour, which allows the viewer to independently decide when to go first and what exactly to pay more attention, the price of a high-quality digital product in this case is quite high. 3D photos must be flawless and the loading speed fast, because no one will look at the page loading icon for too long.

In addition to high pricing, experienced agents often talk about the fact that the investment does not always pay off. Nobody buys a house after watching a virtual tour. This is almost always not enough. A virtual tour can be a nice bonus, but no one makes a decision just because of it.

Often a virtual tour does not allow you to hide any visible flaws in real estate. The client can zoom in and examine each corner in detail, and this is a big minus of interactivity. Nobody says that the buyer should be deceived. But it is better for him to learn about some things in the presence of an agent who can smooth the situation and explain why this or that deficiency does not have such a great importance. But if your client goes for a virtual tour singly, you will not have the opportunity to convince him.

Moreover, it makes no sense to go in search of a virtual tour maker if you are selling an empty property. In this case the best way to explain to the client how everything can be arranged is virtual staging services. You can see such examples of our work on the website.

If you want to lead this game, you can order virtual tour from us as an additional service. For just a few tens of dollars, we will arrange the best real estate photos in the right order, add the right music and create the complete illusion of a walk around the property. If you need a creator of quality and effective content for your ad, you are in the right place. Contact us for details.

Virtual Home Tour

Virtual Home Tour

A house virtual tour is one more implement that agents have at their disposal. If you know all the possibilities of this tool and use it correctly, then even luxury properties, which always take a little longer to sell, will play out quickly and with even greater profit.

What the most important task does a company that makes a virtual tour?

To answer this question imagine yourself as a real estate buyer. Here you go to the site and see hundreds or even thousands of ads. You will immediately exclude some from the list by setting up a filter. And now you have a hundred advertisements for sale of houses in front of you, which more or less suit you in terms of price, location and area.

Suppose the range of search has narrowed, but still we are talking about hundreds of ads. You can, of course, open and view everything, but you, like all of us, don’t have much time. Therefore, you, most likely, will discover exactly what will stand out from the background of others, what will be the first to catch your eye. And the secret is that agents and homeowners who know how to make their ads attractive get everything: a lot of calls, a lot of offers, a quick sale and great benefits.

That is why the main task is to make your ad attractive to potential customers. To do this, you are required to properly assess the property and provide as much information as possible. In the same time our main task is to take care of the visual part. After viewing the ad, the client should get the impression that he has just visited this house. This is exactly what virtual tours are for.

Is the cost of an interactive tour justified?

In general, more likely “yes” than “no” when it comes to properties with a high price for sale. But every agent should take into account the fact that a virtual 3D tour doesn’t always live up to their expectations. This is largely due to the image quality and download speed. Just believe, if a client needs to wait 5 or more minutes to load your interactive tour, then most likely he will scroll through your ad and move on.

In most cases, high quality real estate photos in the correct order are sufficient. If you like, we can add musical. Another way to give the client the opportunity to feel like inside the house is the quality filmed and edited video. If everything is done correctly by the professionals, then even a few images and a few stills will be enough to make the client want to walk around the house, live, and not virtually.

And one more nuance: before ordering a virtual tour, you need to make sure that everything looks perfect. If rooms is littered with old furniture, the shabby wall decoration and worn floors catch the eye, then a walk through such a house, even if virtual, will not give pleasure to anyone. The same goes for completely empty houses. So, the presence of a basement room or an additional room in the attic is, of course, more a plus than a minus. But, if you order a virtual staging and show the client how this additional space can be used, then such work will be more useful than virtual walks among empty walls.

There are our phone numbers on the site and we are waiting for your calls. If you want that your potential client feels how comfortable your house is and how happy he can be there, just contact us. We have a lot of tools, techniques, professional equipment and experience for this. So we will do our best for your profit sale.

Architectural Photographer Near You

Architectural Photographer Near You

Few people who have nothing to do with professional photography can quickly answer what is the real difference between architecture and property photography. In both cases we are talking about beautiful photos that depict buildings. So, what’s the difference? And why do most of the photographers near me charge more money for photos of architecture? Let’s try to figure it out.

What is the key difference between property and architectural photos?

As always, the answer lies in the money, or rather in the perceived benefit. We need photos of real estate first of all in order to sell it. Yes, of course, such images should be beautiful, professional and creative. But it’s important not to overdo it with the last element, we mean creativity. It’s great if the photographer has artistic talent and can show the room from an unusual angle. But this is only great if this approach does not distort the space.

Let’s be honest, we all love beautiful photos. Some of us even love unusual specimens. But when it comes to our money, to buying a house, to possibly the biggest investment of our lives, we just need a high-quality realistic image. And if we want to admire the art, we will come at the exhibition.

Looking through the photo of the property in the ad, a potential client wants to know where the kitchen is located, where the bedroom is, how many square meters there are, how to place furniture there, whether it will be comfortable there. Unusual angles, exaggerations, extraordinary playing with color and shadows – all this is the last thing I need.

Where a photographer can fully express himself as a free artist is in architectural photography. The more creative, unusual and non-standard the image is, the better. These are the photos that adorn centerfold from fashion magazines, front sides of advertising brochures and start pages of websites.

What kind of photos are taken in our studio?

On our website you can see property and architectural photography examples. We have been successfully working in both directions for more than 6 years and during this time we have collected a large portfolio. In other words, if you have a building in Brisbane and you need to photograph it, then we are at your service. Contact us to find out a favorable shooting date.

Real Estate Twilight Photographer

Real Estate Twilight Photographer

Look through the ads for the sale of property in your city and you will certainly pay attention to the fact that in most of the photos the houses are well lit by sunlight. At least this is how it should be if we are talking about professional images. Those photos that were taken with a smartphone camera can be anything. As a rule, they have a lot of shadows, noise and can even be like blurry spot. And yet, if we are talking about a professional photo shoot at home, then a sunny day is the best time to work.

But you can also find in the ad stream a few that catch your eye the most. These ads are not just good, but with unusual, spectacular, even drama images. Of course, we talk about twilight photos real estate. We have been working with agents for over 6 years and know their tricks. Many of them argue that photos taken after sunset work best.

Why shoot exterior after sunset?

Let’s be honest and imagine that you are not selling a house but looking for it. Imagine that you are looking for not just an investment property, but a home for yourself and your family. What in this case will interest you the most? Will it be the number of square meters, rooms, layout? Of course, yes. Will there be a transport interchange, a school and a supermarket nearby? Naturally, yes. But all of these arguments are rational.

But our decisions are influenced by another important part of our personality – emotions. Experienced agents know all about human weakness and play on it for their own benefit. Buying a home for our family, first of all we want to be happy there, we want to change something in our life for the better and we, of course, hope that our new house will be the coziest place in the word. And if the agent can convince us of this, we will be ready to pay any price.

We may be wrong, but in general, most of us associate cozy with the evening. Mainly because in the evening the whole family gathers at home and this is exactly the time when we feel good, calm and safe. Therefore, it is so important to show the potential buyer how your property looks after sunset. Twilight photography real estate allows the client to feel at home, just looking at the image in the ad. And if the price you mentioned suits him more or less, of course, he will call.

What nuances affect the pricing of twilight photographs?

First of all, you should understand that not all photos that look like they were taken at twilight are actually taken after sunset. In order to make a high-quality spectacular twilight photo, you need to have a lot of experience behind you and be well versed in setting the frame and in the length of exposure.

This job cannot be done well without a tripod, a professional camera, and multiple light sources. Therefore, some photographers can cheat and take twilight photos using Photoshop. Needless to say, such images look at least not natural and sometimes even repulsive. The buyer wants to see a real estate object, not a product of the imagination of a photographer. Therefore, it is very important not to go too far with photo processing.

By the way, when we talk about several sources of lighting, we do not mean large professional spotlights and reflectors, but ordinary light inside the house. When photographing the exterior in the evening, try turning on all the lights at home. The warm light pouring from the windows will create a stunning effect on the image. This is a simple technique that will not cost you anything, but the final result largely depends on it. Another important point is water. If there is a swimming pool in the yard, it should definitely be on twilight real estate photo. The sky, which might be displayed in the water, will make the image even more attractive.

There are many such secrets, but only an experienced professional photographer can know about all of them. Contact us and we will do our best for you.

Virtual Staging Near You

Virtual Staging Near You

Experienced real estate agents understood the importance of virtual environments since the early 2000s. Imagine that you come to a house that you need to photograph for an ad. There can be a mess, dirty windows, dim lighting, a floor that needs polishing for a long time, and also not a very good smell. In this case no matter how hard you try, you won’t get a good photo. Even using professional secret photography techniques can’t change the fact that the house looks bad.

Now imagine yourself as a buyer. Buying a home is one of the most meaningful and big investments in our life. Would you like to invest in real estate that looks like this? And by the way, this property can have an excellent location, a sick courtyard, and a great layout. But who will pay attention to this if the rooms are littered with old furniture? Where even a cleaning service can do nothing, a virtual staging company will help.

One way or another, the buyer is, first of all, a person, and this indicates the presence of an emotional side. Experienced agents know that the deal goes through if the client feels at home while viewing the property, or at least decides that he could live here. It’s hard to feel at home surrounded by someone else’s shabby furniture, old finishes and a bunch of different things.

The other extreme is a completely empty property. Not possessing a sufficiently developed abstract thinking, it is difficult for us to imagine how everything could be in this room. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are selling your home or working as an agent, you definitely need to ask someone something like “where is the virtual staging near me?”

Why should you look at real estate examples before and after virtual staging on our website?

1. They clearly demonstrate how much more attractive a room looks after a professional’s work.

2. They make it possible to understand that the virtual staging is not just beautiful furniture in the photo. This is a full-fledged design work on which includes everything: the combination of colors, interior details, lighting.

3. The images on the site are examples of our real work, which give you the opportunity to understand our level of professionalism and what you will ultimately receive.

We have been working in Brisbane for over 6 years. Thousands of properties have been sold using our real estate photos, virtual stagings, floor plans, etc. Do you want to get a deal done quickly and profitably? Contact us and we will discuss the details.

How to Take Professional Real Estate Photos

How to Take Professional Real Estate Photos

If you are going to sell premium real estate, of course, there can’t be no questions of any amateur activity. Your agent probably has contacts from ours or some other company of photographers who will take amazing photos for his ads. But if you don’t turn to an agent for help and will take all the worries about selling property on yourself, then you will also have to take care of how to take professional real estate photos.

Two main things in taking exterior photos

First of all, remember that there should not be many photos in your ad. This can be confusing for customers. Just a couple photos from the street will be enough. In one you can show the exterior of the house, in the second – the yard. And now the most important life hack: shoot during the day in sunny weather. Professional photographers can change the sky on post editing process, but for you clouds are not your best helpers. They can create a gloomy and even sad atmosphere in the photo. For professional work you need the sun and it is better if it is behind your back or above the house.

If you shoot during dusk time, the second point would be the light in the windows. Just try turning on all the lights in your house. Then it will look lively and atmospheric, and it means that your ad can immediately attracts interest.

Several tips for professional interior photography

The main mistake that beginners make and which prevents them from taking the same photos that we usually see in magazines is the wrong shooting height. If you just walk into a room with your smartphone and take a picture of the space from your height, then nothing good will probably come of it. Try to sit down for a bit, or better yet use a tripod. Place it about 1 meter off the floor and try again. You will see the second option will look much more stylish and volume.

If we talk about lighting, then again no one has come up with anything better than the sun. Shoot on a sunny day, open the curtains, and use a speedlight to highlight dark corners is the best you can do for good photography.

Anyway, good real estate photos are the result of many years of practice. That’s why even for realtors who have been photographing real estate for many years this can seem like a daunting task. Therefore, if you don’t get the result you expect, don’t be discouraged. There may be a problem with the camera settings, lens, or the need for additional equipment. We have been photographing different apartments, houses, hotels and yachts for the last 10 years. So, you can always call us and we will do everything you need and will do it quickly. You will have the photos the very next day after shooting.

Why Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Why Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

The first idea that arises in the minds of those who looking for housing is to search on the Internet. And the first impression they get is the photos in your ad. That’s why professional agents, who have been working in the real estate market for several years, perfectly understand why hire a professional real estate photographer.

1. To draw attention to ad. The fact is that specialists, through whose hands hundreds of houses pass, can see real trends. Ads with professional photos inside get several times more responses.

2. To present the house in the most favorable light. The first impression is impossible to make twice. This is true not only for people, but also for property. A person who is looking to buy a property is interested not only in the number of rooms on the floor, but also in the atmosphere, the general mood that prevails in the house or apartment. Nobody wants to live in a gloomy room, even if it is well furnished. But the secret is that it is impossible to take an atmospheric photo on a smartphone camera without having professional skills. Only an experienced property photographer can use the play of light and shadow to convey the volume and mood of the space.

3. To sell real estate more expensive. The more calls and customers, the more likely it is to find someone who is willing to pay the required amount and will not bargain. This applies not only to premium real estate, but also to budget apartments. A lot depends on how you show your property, and a professional photographer will help you do it best.

By hiring a photographer, you save time. The faster the deal goes, the better. The money you spend on paying for the photographer’s services will return quickly and with great benefit. Please contact us or leave a request on our website and we will call you back.

Professional Real Estate Photos

Professional Real Estate Photos

When it comes to premium real estate, no one doubts the need for professional photography. All possible tools are used: not only photos, but also video, shooting from a drone, floor plans, virtual staging, etc. But when it comes to budget property, many people think that a few photos taken with a smartphone camera will be enough in order to attract the attention of buyers. And this is where the main mistake lies.

Why will the price of a photoshoot pay off with interest?

Professional real estate photos is a very important factor in the market. Therefore, it is not surprising why it constantly attracts the attention of marketers and sociologists. Recent polls show that 98% of people choose to view properties by their own eyes when they view photos and videos in an ad. From which it follows that photography is not just an important, but sometimes even a decisive factor. That is why property that are sold or rent with the help of professional photographers find new owners or tenants 50% faster than property that agents photograph themselves with their smartphone cameras.

Like the cherry on top is the last argument: finally professional real estate photography helps to sell a house more expensive. Today it is understood not only by agents who constantly work with real estate, but also by owners who are faced with the sale of their house for the first time. Even beginners, when choosing an agent, give preference to the one who presents himself and his work with the help of better photos and videos.

This means that having contacts of a professional photographer is beneficial not only for agents who work in the premium segment, but also for those who sell average apartments and houses. Use the possibilities of modern technologies and bypass your competitors even at the stage of publishing your ad. The logic is simple: the more attention your ad attracts, the more calls you will receive. The more calls, the higher the likelihood of selling property quickly and profitably.

How to contact a professional photographer?

You are on the website of a company that has been helping agents to do their job efficiently and earn not only a good commission, but also a good reputation for over 10 years. More than 60 real estate agencies have already used our services and appreciated the benefits of working with professionals. It’s always convenient, if:

  • the photographer does his job with high quality (you can see examples on our website);
  • gives photos quickly (edited materials, ready for publication, will be with you the next day after shooting);
  • in one place you can order the whole range of services at once: property photos, videos, drone shooting, floor plans, virtual staging;
  • you can get a discount when ordering several options, contact us for receiving information on how much do they cost.

Our contacts are on the site, we are waiting for your calls.

How to Get House Photos

How To Get House Photos

For some reason, in some photos we like ourselves, while others ask to remove further from our eyes. The same story can happen with your house. Try throw away the tripod, turning on the flash, and using a wide angle lens. If after this someone calls on your ad, consider that a miracle has happened. Because if you want that your house looks in the photo like the coziest nest, and the phone explodes from customer messages, actually, you need to do the opposite.

The best 3 tips for real estate photos

1. Using the tripod. First of all, it’s really convenient. Secondly, this is the only way to create the correct proportions in the photo. Just remember first main rule how to get real estate photos: take a tripod and position the camera parallel to the floor. All vertical straight lines – cabinets, shelves, trees – should remain straight and strictly vertical in the photo as in life.

2. The tripod should be positioned below eye level. If you want your photo to look stylish, like in a magazine or a brochure, consider this nuance. Photos from a height of human growth immediately betray a beginner. Mount the camera approximately 1 meter from the floor. This will make the room look more spacious and voluminous.

3. Forget about lenses with wide angle. We agree that sometimes the temptation to show the whole room in one photo is too great. But leave this trick to professional photographers. So that your house doesn’t look like a palace of crooked mirrors, it is better to forget about such lenses for a while. Sometimes it is better to show only part of the room in the photo for ads but keep all the angles and proportions.

Each house, like a person, has its own atmosphere. The play of light and shadows is the only way to catch it in the photo. So, we want to give you one more tip. Many people already know about it, but nevertheless, just in case, we remind you that natural daylight is your best assistant. Artificial light from lamps often looks too cold, uncomfortable and repulsive in the photo. Just open the curtains – that’s the whole secret. As for photographs of the house outside and photographs of the courtyard, the best shots are obtained about 20 minutes after sunset. Use slow shutter speeds instead of flash and you will be amazed at how cozy your house seems.

In fact, this is only a small part of the knowledge that a professional real estate photographer owns. Therefore, if you need help, you have our contacts. We will take great photos for your ad and help you sell your property quickly and profitably.

How to Sale House

How to Sale House Quickly

Selling a house is a lengthy process. It takes a lot of time, effort, and sometimes even nerves. Before the deal will complete, the seller will have to give dozens of tours of their home and answer the same questions a hundred times. You need to be prepared for the fact that visitors will turn upside down your house and look into every corner, trying to find flaws. Potential buyers can find fault with every little detail when trying to lower the price and get a discount. And we have not yet remembered the hundreds of phone calls and messages that will have to be answered by making an appointment. Even when all this fuss is over and you finally find a buyer, you still have another difficult stage — paperwork.

With all of the above, it is no wonder why the profession of a real estate agent is becoming more popular every day. Nobody wants to worry about how to sale house. To do this quickly and profitably, you need experience, dexterity and what is called professional flair. This is why sellers are more likely to choose to entrust this job to a real estate agent than to do it all themselves.

How to choose a real estate agent?

Considering how popular social networks are now, we are sure that finding the good professional will not take you much time. There are several key points to consider when choosing from candidates.

1. First impression. It may sound strange, but sympathy is very powerful. It has great importance not only in personal relationships, but also in business. Therefore, if the agent could not immediately win you over, then most likely he will not be able to get on his side buyers. A real estate agent chooses the most important thing for us – our home, so he should at least be a pleasant person.

2. Professional skills. The level of a professionalism is not difficult to determine. A person with a lot of experience as usual is quick. He values his and your time, asks questions prepared in advance, works according to an algorithm and speaks to the point. He answers your questions directly and does not evade. If at the same time he is also very charming, then don’t hesitate, he knows how to sale property.

3. Set of tools. Of course here we are not talking about hammers and screwdrivers. It’s about how many channels of communication with clients your potential candidate owns. Does he use the website, social networks, Internet platforms, instant messengers? Your fast sale not least depends on this.

How to sell house faster and don’t spend a lot of nervous?

Do you know what will annoy you the most? An endless stream of people, that will watch, evaluate and won’t buy. They will call, come and take your time. Of course, the real estate agent must to solve this problem. But if you still live in the house that you are selling, then there is still no escaping from the guests.

There is only one way to save your time and nerves – to provide maximum information in your ad. The better it will be composed, the less energy you will then spend on useless conversations and tours around your home. What is needed for this? First of all real estate photos. It’s about professional photos, and not about crooked frames taken with a smartphone camera. In some photos the house may seem sullen and gloomy, while with the right angle and lighting it will look like the coziest nest. If you really need to sell your house quickly, then you can do nothing without a professional photo shoot.

One more tool in the set of a professional real estate agent is the floor plan. If the house is large, has several floors and many rooms, then many photos can only confuse the client. While the plan will create a clear picture in the client’s imagination and save you from describing in words for a long time what is located and where.

And finally, one more important nuance. If you are selling an empty house or a house with a lot of old shabby furniture, it can be very time-consuming. Photos and videos may not be enough. In this case it is better to order a virtual staging and show the potential buyer how wonderful, cozy and stylish his future house can be with a modern design.

If you need high-quality photos and videos for more fast property sales, contact us. We work quickly and professionally. You can pick up the materials the next day after shooting.

Real Estate Video with Drone

Real Estate Video with Drone

Controlling the drone is not easy, but the result is worth it. Stunning views that take the breath of potential customers are a great way to impress.

How drone can be useful for property companies?

  • Shooting from a bird's eye view will help your client see the property in all its glory. They will enjoy the view of the park, local area, and pool. Also, they can see where the parking lot, the school and the nearest supermarket are located.

  • If we are talking about the sale of a land plot or a large house, then real estate video with drone is the only way to show the whole property. Of course, you can and should describe the area in the ad text. But when we read about 2 hectares of land and when we see it with our own eyes, these are two different things and, of course, the second way impresses us much more.

  • Professional video and photo shooting from a drone is needed not only for buyers but also for you to improve your professional status. If you work in the premium segment, then you cannot do without this tool. If a couple of years ago best videography from a drone was a nice bonus, today it is almost a prerequisite for the sale of large real estate. This is why the number of drones in Brisbane has grown lately, and this can be noticed by everyone who lives in the private sector.

Aerial shooting for luxury apartments

Quality and speed are the two main conditions for successful work in the premium segment with expensive real estate. Therefore, it is so important to find partners who can guarantee the same things for you. We have been working in the real estate market for over 10 years and have enough experience in the aerial photography by drone of hotels, resorts, luxury homes, apartments, and yachts. We will skillfully highlight the status of your property so that your clients can truly enjoy watching photos and videos.

Another plus of cooperation with us is speed. If you don’t have time to wait for the processing of property video and photo materials for weeks, you can contact us. We will give you the finished photos and videos the next day after shooting. The format of the materials will already be specially configured for publication on any Internet resources that you use.

By ordering several services in one place, you save both time and money. We offer discounts for package services, so if you also need photos and videos from the ground and indoors, floor plans, and virtual staging, please contact us.

Aerial Photo and Video Services

Aerial Photo and Video Services

When a real estate agent creates an ad for the sale or rental of real estate, his first and most important task is to get the client to spend as much time as possible looking at it. You can try to do this with a primitive method – write a lot of text. But let's be honest, nobody is wasting time reading a long ad. We have too little free time and free attention.

The abundance of information on the Internet forces us to be selective. Everyone now wants to view only high-quality professional photos, videos in good resolution, bright and short texts. We have become gourmets in terms of information. If the site does not load for a long time, no one will wait and immediately open the next link. If we are not satisfied with the quality of the photo and video, we will immediately close the ad and move on to the next one.

As a result, the job of real estate agents has become much more difficult lately. On the one hand, it may seem that you now have a variety of tools at your disposal: websites, social networks, online message boards, mobile applications and instant messengers. Indeed, finding a client has become easier. But what definitely became more difficult is to attract his attention. Now it is not enough just to find a property, evaluate it profitably, find a client and organize a deal. Now one more job has been added to the duties of a real estate agent – creating quality content. Our professional photography and videography services will help you solve a sudden problem and create high-quality content for your communication channels with clients.

The role of photos and videos in the real estate market

Residents of Brisbane must have begun to notice that the number of buzzing drones over neighboring houses has increased significantly. This is not surprising. New tools have appeared at the disposal of real estate agents. There are aerial photography and videography. Drone footage helps real estate agents not only sell large plots of land, but also houses, villas, and yachts. This is a real godsend for hotel and resort managers.

If your ad is supposed to impress your client, then aerial photography by drone is the best way to generate positive emotions. Interest, delight and the full feeling that a real estate agent is a professional – these are the feelings we can evoke in your clients. These are the best way to facilitate the conclusion of the deal, right?

We will show the surroundings, the directions, and focus on a good location. From a bird's eye view, your property and the surrounding area will appear grandiose. Of course, no one can guarantee that the client will want to buy your property immediately after viewing photos and videos. There are too many factors affecting the ability to purchase. But we will definitely be able to attract attention and arouse interest, and then everything will depend on you.

Why is it better to contact us for the best drone photos?

  • We are not newbies who bought a drone yesterday and are just starting to build a portfolio. We have over 10 years of experience in the real estate market and cooperation with the largest agencies in Brisbane.

  • We work not only professionally, but also quickly. You can pick up materials for your work the very next day after shooting.

  • We offer one stop services. In one place, you can order not only drone photography services, but also property photos and videos from the ground, floor plans, virtual staging.

Contact us to discuss details and book a shooting date.

Property Photographer in South Brisbane

Property Photographer in South Brisbane

If you are looking for a professional private photographer to rent or sell real estate, then you are in the right place. We take photographs of apartments, houses, hotels, yachts, showing a potential client your property in the best possible light. We constantly work with real estate agencies and for 10 years of work with our real estate photography in South Brisbane was sold thousands of objects.

How to organize photoshoot?

  • Contact us to discuss the details. Price, date of shooting, number of photos, etc. Depending on what we will photograph, we will need to select equipment, so we will ask you in detail about your property.

  • Ultimately with the help of special applications, we can mask and remove any flaw on the property digital photography. Moreover, we can completely remove all old furniture from the image and replace it with new stylish things. If necessary, we can create several options for furnishing for empty rooms. This is called virtual staging. Nevertheless, despite the enormous possibilities of modern technologies, it will not be superfluous to worry about general cleaning of the property in advance.

  • Think immediately about additional options. If necessary, we can not only take professional photos, but also floor plans, videos. Aerial photography has been doing great in the real estate market lately. You can order all these services in one place, having received a discount for a complex order.

When can you pick up photos?

We understand how important time is in the work of a real estate agent. Since we play with you on the same team and, just like you, are focused on results, we do our job quickly. You can pick up the finished, processed footage the day after shooting and post it to your platforms right away. We will make photo and video materials in a suitable format so that you can use them on your website, in mobile applications, instant messengers, social networks, etc.

Contact us in any way convenient for you, and together we will choose a convenient shooting date. We offer good prices, fast execution, and high quality work. Remember that the quality of the materials posted on your Internet resources is a huge part of your reputation. Therefore, it is worth taking care of them as carefully as you take care of the punctuality of your employees and the relevance of your proposals.

Property Photographer Pro

Property Photographer Pro

Nobody can afford to do their job poorly. Especially if you are a real estate agent. In this case competitors will quickly bypass you. Real estate photography pro is playing in your team and going to help you.

Ways to best show the property interior

  • Real estate photos and video. Our company has been working with photographs for the real estate market for almost 10 years. We will provide you with stunning pictures and videos, taking a minimum of your time. You can pick up the materials the next day after the shooting.

  • Virtual staging. The main thing that the client should like is the atmosphere of the property. But it is not so easy to convey the desired feeling if people now live in a house or in an apartment that is for sale. Even general cleaning may not always help in this case. However, the same applies to completely empty houses. Both that and another sometimes cause strange mixed feelings among clients, it is difficult for them to imagine themselves inside this property as the owners. Fortunately, modern technology and applications can help them do this. We will take a photo of the property and then furnish it in accordance with the latest fashion trends. You will receive photos of the house everyone wants to live in.

  • Floor plans. Not everyone has enough spatial thinking to easily imagine the layout of rooms by reading an ad or looking at a few photos. We will help your clients orient themselves inside and draw up a plan. We have simple and more detailed floor plans at your choice.

How to take the best photos exterior?

The exterior plays a huge role in the decision to rent or buy a property. Therefore, it is in the interests of the real estate agent to draw the client's attention to this moment even at the stage of viewing the ad. For this, a professional photographer has several tools at his disposal. There are a photo and video camera, some modern software, and, of course, a drone.

We will create stunning aerial photography that will take your client’s breath away. If there is a park, school, supermarket, convenient transport interchange in the vicinity, we will show it and add points to your property.

AbstractView is the place where you can order all services at the same time. You won't need to look for a photographer, then a videographer, and someone who works with drones or draws plans, we can even add copywriting to your package. Contact us to get everything in one place at an affordable price.

Property Marketing Solutions

Property Marketing Solutions

Today, real estate agents have many tools at their disposal. With the help of the Internet you can find your clients wherever they are. To do this, you can and should use all possible communication channels:

  • own website;

  • YouTube channel;

  • profiles on social networks;

  • mailing;

  • mobile apps;

  • ads in messengers, etc.

It would seem that it is not difficult but there is one problem. It is the abundance of information. Just imagine how many vivid photos, videos, articles, posts, and ads are dumped on your potential client every day. To get his attention your company needs to stand out at least. But even this may not be enough. It's not enough to get attention. You need to keep it by using different property marketing solutions.

What can we offer to fill your website?

  • Real estate photography. We will convey not only the atmosphere but also the mood. Our team has been working in this direction for over 10 years. We know how to photograph your property so that people would like to buy it.

  • Floor plans. Instead of explaining to the client for a long time how the rooms are located, we can draw a plan and make your work easier.

  • Virtual staging. It is not easy to sell an apartment in which someone is currently living. But we can remove the old furnishings from the photos and draw a new one. Let's show your client what their dream home can be!

  • Real estate videography. If your client is so busy that he doesn't have time to look through dozens of photos, let's show him a video. It takes a little time, but it looks professional and impressive.

  • Aerial photography. If the surroundings of your property, size of the block or landscape of your land can affect the price, we are obliged to show it in all their glory. A professional drone camera will do this best.

When ordering several services, you get a discount. Working with us is profitable not only because of the good price but also because of the fast deadlines. You can pick up the materials the next day after shooting.