Real Estate Twilight Photographer

Look through the ads for the sale of property in your city and you will certainly pay attention to the fact that in most of the photos the houses are well lit by sunlight. At least this is how it should be if we are talking about professional images. Those photos that were taken with a smartphone camera can be anything. As a rule, they have a lot of shadows, noise and can even be like blurry spot. And yet, if we are talking about a professional photo shoot at home, then a sunny day is the best time to work.

But you can also find in the ad stream a few that catch your eye the most. These ads are not just good, but with unusual, spectacular, even drama images. Of course, we talk about twilight photos real estate. We have been working with agents for over 6 years and know their tricks. Many of them argue that photos taken after sunset work best.

Why shoot exterior after sunset?

Let’s be honest and imagine that you are not selling a house but looking for it. Imagine that you are looking for not just an investment property, but a home for yourself and your family. What in this case will interest you the most? Will it be the number of square meters, rooms, layout? Of course, yes. Will there be a transport interchange, a school and a supermarket nearby? Naturally, yes. But all of these arguments are rational.

But our decisions are influenced by another important part of our personality – emotions. Experienced agents know all about human weakness and play on it for their own benefit. Buying a home for our family, first of all we want to be happy there, we want to change something in our life for the better and we, of course, hope that our new house will be the coziest place in the word. And if the agent can convince us of this, we will be ready to pay any price.

We may be wrong, but in general, most of us associate cozy with the evening. Mainly because in the evening the whole family gathers at home and this is exactly the time when we feel good, calm and safe. Therefore, it is so important to show the potential buyer how your property looks after sunset. Twilight photography real estate allows the client to feel at home, just looking at the image in the ad. And if the price you mentioned suits him more or less, of course, he will call.

What nuances affect the pricing of twilight photographs?

First of all, you should understand that not all photos that look like they were taken at twilight are actually taken after sunset. In order to make a high-quality spectacular twilight photo, you need to have a lot of experience behind you and be well versed in setting the frame and in the length of exposure.

This job cannot be done well without a tripod, a professional camera, and multiple light sources. Therefore, some photographers can cheat and take twilight photos using Photoshop. Needless to say, such images look at least not natural and sometimes even repulsive. The buyer wants to see a real estate object, not a product of the imagination of a photographer. Therefore, it is very important not to go too far with photo processing.

By the way, when we talk about several sources of lighting, we do not mean large professional spotlights and reflectors, but ordinary light inside the house. When photographing the exterior in the evening, try turning on all the lights at home. The warm light pouring from the windows will create a stunning effect on the image. This is a simple technique that will not cost you anything, but the final result largely depends on it. Another important point is water. If there is a swimming pool in the yard, it should definitely be on twilight real estate photo. The sky, which might be displayed in the water, will make the image even more attractive.

There are many such secrets, but only an experienced professional photographer can know about all of them. Contact us and we will do our best for you.

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