Real Estate Photography in Brisbane

Abstract View Photography has been working in Brisbane for over 6 years. During this time, about 60 real estate agencies have become our customers. We create colorful photographs of interiors, apartments, houses, AirBnB properties, hotel rooms, cabins. How are we different from the rest? Many have professional equipment and can use it, many take beautiful and stylish photos. But we take real estate photographs that inspire, and sell, that convey the atmosphere, make you want to plunge into it.

Our services:

  • residential photography

  • aerial photography

  • floor plans

  • virtual staging

  • videography

How can a photographer help you increase the property costs?

The first impression cannot be made twice. Having seen faded, boring images, the client is unlikely to call back and begin to arrange a meeting. Most likely, he simply flips through your ad and will search further. Message boards, chats, social networks – all this is full of offers for the sale or rental of real estate. Thousands of pictures are uploaded daily to the Internet and there is only one way to stand out in this mass – to make catchy photos.

Everything is very simple. If the photographer sets the light incorrectly, the atmosphere on the photo will appear gloomy and uncomfortable. Just one mistake will negate all the efforts of designers. On the other hand, a professional real estate photographer can create a masterpiece from ordinary properties with the help of light and shadows, color accents, and highlights.

Successful photos catch the attention of the client, cause a desire to call back and make an appointment. Therefore, our main tasks:

  • correctly place emphasize on the photo

  • find good angles so that the property seem stylish and cozy

  • catch and capture the atmosphere of the room on the photo

  • appeal to potential client engaging to call a real estate agent


The more calls, the higher the probability of a transaction. The more people who want to see the property, the more likely real estate agents are to sell them more expensive. Accordingly, the better the photo, the more successful your affairs will go. The main thing is not to overdo it. The photo should be high-quality, but natural. Too perfect a picture causes distrust.

The main secrets of successful photos on our website

A lot depends on the photographer, but not all. To present your property with the best hand, you need to try hard. There are some life hacks.

  • Before shooting, you need to do a general cleaning of the property. Dust that flies in the air can get into the frame and prevent us from taking a good photo

  • It is very important to pay attention to lighting and check in advance all the bulbs in the apartment. All of them should shine with the same light. If on one side of the bed a light bulb shines cold, and on the other, it is warm, on the photo it will look bad.

  • You need to take care of the details in advance to help make the photo more atmospheric. Vases, candles, towels, flowers, books, a bottle of wine, glasses – all this can come in handy.

  • If the property has a lot of electronics, it is better to hide the cables. There should be no wires оn the photo.

  • Natural light from the windows will provide an opportunity to convey the freedom and spaciousness of the room. In the evening, the opposite. The artificial light from the lamp will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

One more thing we have to say, that the photo rates in Abstract View are not the lowest on the market. All because we do not strive for a low price, we strive for high quality. The main factor that affects the pricing on time. We understand how important this is for the real estate market, therefore, we process the photos quickly and give them back the next day.

Photos of your objects this is your business card on the Internet. Photo quality plays a key role in shaping your image. The designer, who invested a lot of time and effort in his work, but spared money for high-quality photoshoot, practically worked in vain. The client will be able to appreciate your interior only if the photographer can choose the right techniques and tricks. Work with professionals and your success is guaranteed.

To contact us, fill out the form on the website, or call back one of the indicated phone numbers. We will agree on a convenient time for the photoshoot and discuss all the details.