Hotel Photography Service

We all like good hotels. They are clean, comfortable, and has interesting decor throughout. For everyone who works with real estate photography, the opportunity to shoot hotel rooms and lobbies is a real treat. No need to worry about cleaning, because everything is already spotlessly clean and fresh, flowers and glossy surfaces are everywhere. A lot of ideas for good pictures immediately arise in the photographer’s head.

There is only one problem with this perfect story. It is a bed. Most of the hotel rooms don’t boast a large area. Typically, the bed is the centerpiece of the room. If honestly, photographers are not satisfied with this. A shot with only a bed and small pillows is a bad one. You have to be sophisticated and look for the right angle in order to photograph the whole room and at the same time preserve the composition.

Someone, who makes photos of hotel rooms, needs to try hard to present it as a full-fledged space for living, and not just for sleeping. This is what a professional from hotel photography company is for. The angle of shooting in this sense is a key to success and only an experienced photographer can do everything in the right way.

What is the best photo?

Remember how you choose a hotel for the night when you come to a foreign city. Let’s say there are two hotels that suit all parameters: price, location, breakfasts, etc. How to choose? Most likely, you will book a room in a place that seems more atmospheric. Therefore, a photo that conveys the atmosphere and makes you want to press the “book” button is, in our opinion, the best.

To take such a photo, you need to have:

experience – most photographers from “Abstract View Photography” has been making commercial photos for real estate agencies, offices, hotels, and restaurants for over 6 years;

modern equipment and we are talking not only about cameras and tripods but also a drone that could take a stunning view from the windows of the rooms;

the desire to immerse yourself in the project headlong and take photos, focusing on the needs of the target audience.

Here you can order not only photos but also a whole package of services

Only photos may not be enough to show your hotel in all its glory. To recreate a more realistic picture, we can make a memorable video presentation or aerial footage. In addition, we make floor plans and virtual staging. It means that here you can order all the hotel photography services you need.

There is one more thing that plays an important role in any business and it is time. We understand this perfectly, so we work quickly and don’t delay the delivery of the finished material. You will be able to receive the processed photos in a timely manner after shooting.

A professional photo session is always a new impetus for business. Photography is an investment that costs little but always pays off. To arrange a photo session, just call us. If you want to see even more examples of our photographers’ work, subscribe to our Instagram. There you will find information about current hotel photography rates and a lot of great pictures.

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