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The days in a beautiful and cozy hotel are unforgettable. No matter how good and comfortable we feel at home, from time to time each of us feels an urgent need to change the environment. Sometimes we have to do it when we have a business trip. But we also book hotel rooms for special occasions. These can be birthdays, anniversaries, any memorable dates that we want to spend together with a loved one. Although we don’t always need a couple to rent a cozy hotel room on the coast. Everyone needs to be alone with their thoughts every now and then.

So, long story short, there are a lot of reasons for booking a hotel room. The same there are a lot of reasons why we decide to stay in any hotel. Experienced hoteliers, who have already been in the hotel business for several years, perfectly understand what this is about. Of course, price and location are two very important factors but none of them are decisive.

Let’s say you are comparing two offers. Both hotels are located in the same area, are well-priced, propose transfers and delicious breakfasts. Which of the two would you choose? We are willing to bet that in the end, you will make the decision by looking at the hotel room photography. You will peer into the details, try to feel the atmosphere of the hotel, and book the one whose photo session was more successful. That’s the whole secret.

How to take the best photo?

Photographers don’t walk on the catwalk, but hotel photography, just like the fashion industry, has its own trends. If you compare some hotel photography from a few years ago and the newest one, you can see a lot of differences. And the first thing that catches your eye is the difference in processing intensity. Modern photos are more restrained and realistic. The fashion for naturalness, which is actively promoted in the beauty industry, has found its reflection in real estate photography.

Hence, there are several basic rules for successful shooting:

1. Experiment with lighting.

Sunny weather is a good time to shoot, but with artificial lighting can also take stunning atmospheric shots. Sometimes taking photos in the evening can be an interesting technique. The only nuance is that you need to be very experienced to use this tool. Most often, evening and night photography is appropriate if we need atmospheric images of a cozy patio or exterior. Adding a few photos of a romantic candlelit dinner in the courtyard to the hotel’s website is a great idea.

2. Try different shooting angles and tripod height.

The biggest problem and headache of a photographer who shoots a hotel room is a bed. Do you ask who can get in the way of a comfortable beautiful soft double bed? For guests this is absolute pros, but for the photographer it is a con, which takes up most of the room and almost the entire frame. Many photographers use wide angle lenses to make the room appear larger and wider. But the same rule applies here as with evening photography. In some cases, this may be appropriate, but more often than not it is a bad trick. A wide-angle lens in the hands of an amateur is a spoiled shot with a distorted composition. It will be difficult for him to photograph a small room or an irregularly shaped one. Only a photographer with many years of experience and a professional look can cope with such a task. Contact us and photo, as from the cover of the magazine, provided.

3. Do not photograph the room, photograph the atmosphere.

It is difficult to describe this tip in words, but experienced hotel room photographers understand what we are talking about for sure. The atmosphere is the centerpiece of a good photo, which forces us to click “book” button. Rays of the sun shining through curtains, a bunch of fresh flowers, a couple of candles or a delicious breakfast are just a few of the techniques used to create an atmospheric photo. You don’t have to follow templates. This is the kind of situation where tips are irrelevant, just feel.

Professional interior photoshoot from the Abstract View Photography

Shooting hotel rooms and lobbies is absolutely fascinating, but if you don’t have the experience or equipment to do it by yourself, we’re here to help you. We have the experience, desire, and ability to do everything in the best possible way. If you are running out of time, all the more quickly dial our number. We will agree on a suitable date and deliver the finished materials the next day after shooting.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that you can order a whole package of services from us. We take not only amazing real estate photos, but also floor plans, aerial photography, and virtual staging. More examples of the latest work are on our Website or Instagram profile. Contact us for discussing details.

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