Grand Hotel Photography

When we say “grand hotel” we always mean a high level of service. This is about the premium segment, which means that the standards are growing significantly. Typically, grand hotels are housed in buildings with stunning architecture. It is a pleasure to shoot such place and rooms. Impeccable cleanliness, luxury, and stylish interior details are everywhere. In the hall alone, a professional hotel photographer can shoot a whole story. By the way, this is the main secret of the stunning grand hotel photography – the people in the frame.

Luxury lifestyle as the main theme of grand hotel photography

What is the Grand Hotel? It is a luxury that is reflected in high-gloss polished surfaces. Bouquets of live flowers, paintings by famous artists, and expensive furniture. How many similar photos have we seen on the Internet? Hundreds, if not thousands. All of them are certainly good, but mostly boring. At the same time the target audience of such hotels is too whimsical to be impressed by just a perfect, but dull image. This is a very important nuance that few hoteliers take into account, but you can make it your advantage.

People in the frame make the picture alive. It could be your guests or actors, but just imagine what an amazing story we can create using this trump card! Here a status gentleman reads the news in the lobby, there a beautiful lady is having breakfast with a croissant and coffee. We can catch in the frame not only guests but also a staff. The smile of the maid, the courtesy of the butler, the responsibility of the manager – all this can be portrayed in the photo, moreover, doing it as if by accident.

This responsible approach to real estate photography , distinguishes our professional photographers from the Abstract View Marketing. We don’t just take a photo, we immerse ourselves in your business and look into the essence of things. It is important for us to create an image that will attract the attention of the one you consider your target audience. Our main task is to make your business more successful. And we can do it with modern equipment, software and creativity.

To agree on a shooting date and discuss details, contact us in any way convenient for you. We also remind that we provide a full range of services: floor plans, aerial photography, virtual staging. Everything you need in one place. Fast, convenient, profitable.

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