How to Take Professional Real Estate Photos

If you are going to sell premium real estate, of course, there can’t be no questions of any amateur activity. Your agent probably has contacts from ours or some other company of photographers who will take amazing photos for his ads. But if you don’t turn to an agent for help and will take all the worries about selling property on yourself, then you will also have to take care of how to take professional real estate photos.

Two main things in taking exterior photos

First of all, remember that there should not be many photos in your ad. This can be confusing for customers. Just a couple photos from the street will be enough. In one you can show the exterior of the house, in the second – the yard. And now the most important life hack: shoot during the day in sunny weather. Professional photographers can change the sky on post editing process, but for you clouds are not your best helpers. They can create a gloomy and even sad atmosphere in the photo. For professional work you need the sun and it is better if it is behind your back or above the house.

If you shoot during dusk time, the second point would be the light in the windows. Just try turning on all the lights in your house. Then it will look lively and atmospheric, and it means that your ad can immediately attracts interest.

Several tips for professional interior photography

The main mistake that beginners make and which prevents them from taking the same photos that we usually see in magazines is the wrong shooting height. If you just walk into a room with your smartphone and take a picture of the space from your height, then nothing good will probably come of it. Try to sit down for a bit, or better yet use a tripod. Place it about 1 meter off the floor and try again. You will see the second option will look much more stylish and volume.

If we talk about lighting, then again no one has come up with anything better than the sun. Shoot on a sunny day, open the curtains, and use a speedlight to highlight dark corners is the best you can do for good photography.

Anyway, good real estate photos are the result of many years of practice. That’s why even for realtors who have been photographing real estate for many years this can seem like a daunting task. Therefore, if you don’t get the result you expect, don’t be discouraged. There may be a problem with the camera settings, lens, or the need for additional equipment. We have been photographing different apartments, houses, hotels and yachts for the last 10 years. So, you can always call us and we will do everything you need and will do it quickly. You will have the photos the very next day after shooting.

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