Property Marketing Videos

Property Marketing Videos

There is no doubt that video is one of the most effective property marketing tools out there. Counting on a high ROI, short original videos are used by professionals in all fields. Real estate agents are no exception. Those of them who use this communication channel are much more successful in their business. At least, this is evidenced by social polls among those who are looking for or selling housing. 73% of the surveyed respondents answered that when choosing a real estate agent, they would prefer a specialist who works with video.

This is a large percentage and it can become a driving force in your business. While your competitors are stopped by the lack of time, knowledge, skills, or desire to study and implement this marketing tool, you can contact us and get one step ahead.

How to use a unique video?

1. Place in an ad.

No matter how eloquent your text is, the video is still better. An ad that contains a short video is opened and viewed more often. Largely due to the fact that the most active channel of information perception for most people is visual. Describe your property in words and after a while potential clients will be able to remember no more than 10% of what they read. But if they see the video about your property, then up to 95% of the information will remain in their memory.


2. Place in social networks.

If you use social networks in your work, then you are already one step ahead of your competitors. If you post best videos of real estate on social networks, then you are already two steps ahead. The main thing is to remember that the abundance of bright pictures and videos on social networks forces users to be selective. No one will waste time on a dim video captured with a smartphone camera with poor stabilization. In order not only to attract, but also to retain attention, the content must be of high quality. Contact us to get the best videos for your work.

3. Place in a mailing.

Very often we don’t read corporate letters and send them to spam for one reason – we are bored. Start your message with a short video and the chances that your recipients will read the letter to the end will increase.

Don’t forget that you can shoot a video not only about real estate, but also about yourself. Visitors to your site will be interested to learn about all your benefits as a specialist by watching a professional video. Light, good angle, high-quality image will help to impress your potential clients.

In addition, real estate video on a website is not only a powerful marketing tool but also a way to improve your position on search engine SERPs. In this case there are a lot of ideas to shooting. We can create video about your company, agents, flexible schedule and of course objects to sale or rent.

What services do we offer?

  • One stop service. Here you can order everything you need for your work. There are real estate photos, floor plans, aerial videography of the surroundings, virtual staging. By ordering package services, you can save money.

  • We use the best equipment, follow industry trends and create an up-to-date product.

  • We understand how much time means in your work, and therefore we do our job quickly. You will be able to receive the materials the very next day after shooting.

The video that your client sees is your face and part of your reputation. If you value it, partner with professionals and offer your customers the best video product. Leave a request on this site or call to contact us. We work with property photo- and videography almost 10 years. There are many our regular customers among real estate agencies in Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast. We will help you sell your property quickly and profitably.

Real Estate Marketing Help

Real Estate Marketing Help

Many marketers talk about the high level of photo and video effectiveness as a marketing tool. That’s the main reason why a big percentage of real estate agents actively implement this opportunity in their daily work routine. We offer you to join them. Let's shoot a professional photo and video and sell your property quickly and profitably.

How does our company can help to do your job better and earn more?

Real estate marketing help from professional photo and videographers can save you a lot of time.

  1. You won’t need to write a long text for listing, trying to explain by words the location of the rooms, their shape, and repair status. A few professional photos will show many specific details, which create a unique atmosphere of your house or apartment. In the property video we will show everything that the client should know before you meet with him.

  2. You will save time on phone calls and answers to endless questions. The floor plan, photos, and video will answer all the most frequently asked questions of customers instead of you.

  3. You won’t need to explain to the client for a long time how much the price is favorable for him. The high-quality photos and videos allow you to show the client all the benefits and keep within just a few minutes. To convince someone you will need much less time and effort.

  4. You won’t need to learn how to work with photos or video makers, how to make floor plans, and more else. Even the most up-to-date applications won’t help to create a high-quality result from poorly shot material. Remember that a badly shot clip can only make it worse. Choosing the wrong time of day for filming or the wrong foreshortening, you can spoil the impression of the brightest and most spacious room. Be careful and don’t engage in amateur performances if you are not confident in your skills as a photographer and videographer. Just contact us and we will do everything at the highest level.

  5. As practice shows, professional photo and video increase the number of listings views and calls at least 3 times. This means that your chances of quickly selling real estate and earning your interest increase at least 3 times too.


Just imagine how long the listing text should be if you decide to answer in it all the questions that are in the mind of a potential client. Who are the neighbors? Where is the nearest park and supermarket located? How long does it take to get to the nearest school? We can show all this on video in the best light with the help of professional equipment and a drone.


Cooperating with us you will always be one step ahead of competitions. Contact us if you want to know our video and real estate photography rates. Looking ahead we say that we have competitive prices and top quality service in Brisbane region. We are waiting for your call. Book a convenient date and get ready-made materials for you listing the very next day.

Real Estate Marketing Videos

Real Estate Marketing Videos

The work of real estate agents is not easy. First of all, they need to attract the attention of homeowners and convince them of their competence. Then create an attractive listing, distribute it through all possible information channels and social networks. In the end, make a deal that will be beneficial to all parties. But it is interesting that at all these stages a professional photographer and videographer can help agents a lot.

How do our services help agents to do their job?

Let's start with the statistics. The numbers always sound more convincing than a thousand words. 7 out of 10 homeowners replied that when choosing a real estate agent, they would prefer someone who works with the video (according to U.S. Association of Unmanned Aerial Videographers) . All because this is a market trend. No one wants to view a listing about the of real estate without professional property photos and videos. This is understood by everyone who has recently been looking for new home, apartment or yacht. Besides, some agents order videos not only about buildings but about themselves too. In the short presentation they narrate about their experience, sold properties and methods of work. As practice shows, it gives good results.

Real estate marketing videos are powerful tools. The main thing is to shooting them professionally. When we are talking about a professional video shooting/production, first of all, we mean not only modern equipment, but also a thousand life hacks, which only experienced photographers/videographers know. Light, foreshortening, focus, even the time of day outside the window – all this knowledge has a huge significance.

We don’t want to deceive home seekers and show them unreal hundred times retouched pictures. Our main task is to show the property from the best sides, to show the truth. To do this, we shoot video inside the building and beyond. Moreover, no one says that you need to be limited to a garden or patio. Sometimes you can and should take pictures of the surroundings, show to clients neighbors, the nearest school, park, supermarket. After all, these ideas are often crucial in the conclusion of a transaction.

Maybe, you can film on the camera of the smartphone a bedroom or a kitchen. Especially, if it is a small cheap apartment. But how do you show the stunning nature or view from the window? This can be done only with the help of professional video equipment, modern cameras, and drones. After the client become delighted with the video that he sees on the screen of his smartphone or laptop, it will be much easier for the real estate agent to say and argue the cost.

In other words, a video is a powerful tool for working with client objections at the initial stage. It inspires confidence and removes barriers. And since most of us are visuals, the client will remember the high-quality professional video for a long time and will highlight your listing on the background of the rest.

The portfolio on this website is the best proof of our professionalism.

The best prices and a responsible approach to our work – there are two factors that allow us to hold a leading position in the Brisbane real estate market formanyyears. We are always looking for new creative ideas and never shoot two identical videos. Each property is individual and has its character. We will find it and show your clients in all its glory.

A good price is not the only argument in the real estate market. Another one, which is no less important, is, of course, time. You will be able to publish the listings with video a day afterthe shooting. We need only one day for mounting and retouching footage because we value the time and money of our customers.

Contact us by phone or email. All marketing tools, from floor plans to property videography, can be found in one place. Don’t waste time and book a date for shooting right now. Let's sell your property as fast as possible.

House for Sale Photos

House for Sale Photos

Fortunately, we have less and less to explain why we need professional photos to sell a house.This is well understood by real estate agents who are forced to monitor market trends because this is a huge part of their activity. Even owners who sell their own property, without the involvement of agents, first look at the listings of competitors and make sure that they can’t do anything without professional real estate photos.

There are, of course, those who try to save money and take photos of their house by themselves using a smartphone. But looking through the listings, you will definitely notice the difference. After all, it is not only a matter of professional lighting and modern technology. Only someone who has made hundreds of photoshoots of houses can know that it is better to remove the curtains from the window, otherwise, they will scatter daylight and the window will appear dirty. There are hundreds of such secrets and life hacks. If your house will be photographed by a professional, you will be surprised how much more light, spacious and comfortable it will turn out on the photography.

How to distinguish a professional photographer from an amateur?

  1. Real estate experience.

The person who will help you sell the house should not only be able to handle the camera well and doing beautiful pictures, he needs experience in the real estate market. We have ten years of work in this area. Our client list includes more than 60 agencies.

  1. A portfolio.

Better than any words about the photographer say his work. There are many examples of our real estate photos on our website. Looking through these photos, you will see for yourself how much importance we pay to detail. We value our reputation, therefore we always try to do better and more than our clients expect from us.

  1. Punctuality.

An efficient photographer works quickly. It’s a shame to lose time and money because of a photographer who can’t finish his work on time. We give photos the day after shooting, because the sooner you place your listing, the faster you will find a client.


So it is comfortable that here is the place when you can find all services you need. There are breathtaking pictures of surroundings from a drone, dramatic videos, and detailed floor plans. Everything that you need to do there is to clean your house, to remove personal things, and then contact us to discuss pricing and book a date for shooting.