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Selling commercial real estate looks like a lottery only at first glance. Newbies may think that in the market, chance decides everything. The one who is the first to get a client is the lucky one and gets a big profit. In fact, experienced players, real estate agents who have been in business for several years now, understand that the biggest jackpot will be won by the one who is not too lazy to work hard.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Every day they, like you, are literally attacked from all sides with advertising. Not to go crazy in all this information noise is possible only by clearly knowing what you want. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that the client will not pay attention to high-flown words and, most likely, will not appreciate your efforts in trying to write a beautiful text. At best, he will quickly scan the ad with his eyes in search of specific addresses, numbers, and amounts. But this is far from all the information that you want to communicate to the client. If someone could sell real estate or lease floors for offices of large companies, naming just a few dry facts, the real estate market would not be full of vivid professional photos and videos now.

What property videos most often appear in an ad?

Commercial videography is a fairly broad concept that includes several basic types of video shooting. In fact, there are many more formats than we are going to describe below, but there are several most popular:

  • Drone videos. A commercial videographer who does not have at his disposal modern professional equipment and a drone with a powerful video camera in fact has nothing to do with the real estate market. The price of such video shooting is usually not too high, but the effect that can be achieved with its help is amazing. If we are talking about the sale of a land plot, then this is perhaps the best way to convey the whole scale and perspective. A video that takes your breath away and gives the customer the feeling of flight is by far a much more effective sales method than dry text or a short video shot with a smartphone camera. With the help of a drone, you can sell not only land but also industrial buildings. It is also an excellent tool to visually show a convenient location, transport interchange, infrastructure of the area as a whole. Another plus from such a video is that you no longer need to explain to the client how to get to the object. He will already have a clear picture of the area in his head and a clear idea of all the benefits of your offer. The drone has many advantages, but still, it is not omnipotent. Sometimes it is not enough for a client to know how this or that property looks from the outside. Often he needs more information about how things are inside the building. So let’s show it.
  • Inside videos. To do everything as it should, it needs to have a good understanding of the tastes and moods of the target audience. It does not always make sense to create very detailed video tours, filming almost every corner of the building. Let’s not forget that the cost depends on the length of the video, so it makes sense to try to be concise. The most important thing in such a video is to correctly place accents and profitably present strengths. There is simply no point in telling and showing absolutely everything in a one-minute video. Everything won’t fit anyway, and honestly, no one will watch a video that is too long. One way or another, the video is just a real estate business card. It is a way to get attention and interest. After all, you wouldn’t be talking about all your accomplishments at once on your real estate agent’s business card. This small piece of cardboard should contain a minimum of the most necessary information, but at the same time be so original that it will be remembered. The same can be said for the video. You should not give out all the trump cards at once, you need to save something. You will certainly need them when the client is already actually present in place. One more important nuance concerns preparation for the filming process. Finding a good angle and getting a beautiful picture can be much easier if we won’t worry about some kind of debris getting into the frame. General cleaning before shooting, which includes washing windows, will greatly facilitate property videographer work.
  • Videos with bright characters. It is not a very popular option, but it is sometimes used when filming videos about office premises. A few words from an interview with one of your tenants can be a great tool and create a social presence effect. If your building already houses the office of some famous company and this can be considered a plus, then why not mention this fact in the video? In any case, the final decision is yours and we will be happy to bring your idea to life.

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