Commercial Photography Marketing

Advertising is a motor of a market. Today we can sell everything by a good photo. Not only the level of professional equipment is growing but so is the number of techniques used by professionals. In this regard, many new concepts have appeared, in which even photographers themselves are often confused. A bright example of such confusion in the commercial photography marketing is the difference between an advertising photo and a commercial one.

The easiest way to understand the difference between these concepts is to remember the photos that you see in some price-lists and catalogs and the photos that you see in magazines. The former’s task is to tell about the product in detail, while the latter’s task is to evoke emotions. It is no need to be a professional or an expert to understand that the latter is much more difficult.

The main photographer tips for commercial photography marketing success

To listen to a client. We have professional equipment, more than 7 years of experience and a big portfolio. But it does not mean that we know better your goals and ambitions than you. We always listen to our client’s desires and preferences. In the end, no one knows better than you about your target audience, so we are ready not only to offer you our ideas but also to bring yours to life.

To provide all the necessary services in one place. The buyers of commercial real estate are often interested not only in the photos inside the building. They often need information about location, transport communications, and other nuances. Therefore, real estate photographer should know how to use a drone to take detailed pictures of the surroundings. Also we make floor plans and virtual staging.

To keep promises. Commercial property photography can give you a big profit but with one important condition – everything must be done in time. We send materials the very next day after shooting so our clients are always one step ahead of their competitors.

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