Virtual Tour for Real Estate

The global circumstances in which we have to live are changing rapidly. Increasingly frequent virus attacks have caused tectonic shifts in the way of life for most of us. Of course this also applies to real estate agents. Each time they have to look for more and more new tools for their work, and virtual tour for real estate is one of them.

Contrary to common stereotypes, this tool has no less cons than pros. Those who have been working with real estate for a long time and use virtual tours in their work probably know what this is about. But we will start all the same with the pros, if only because they are more obvious.

Pros of virtual tours for real estate companies

1. You are doing a great service to a potential client.

Indeed, what could be better than strolling through some new home without leaving your room. You don’t even need to take off your pajamas and call anywhere, negotiate with anyone, adjust the schedule and get stuck in traffic. All you need for a virtual tour is fast internet. If you think that this is only about introverts, then no. None of us likes to leave the boundaries of psychological comfort unnecessarily, so we even prefer to write messages more often than call.

Before a client decides to contact you and make an appointment, he will scrupulously study every letter and every image in the ad. Therefore, agents who give a minimum of information and limit themselves to 3-4 general photos are always very annoying. This is not how things are done. Buying a property is not a love story, so intrigue is not necessary here. Tell and show in your ad as much as you can and you will win the client’s trust even at the stage of distance introduction.

2. The tour saves the agent’s time.

Agreeing on dozens of meetings and conducting an excursion to each client take a lot of time and effort. A virtual tour maker allows you at the same time provide such information to hundreds of potential customers with just one click. There is no need to meet with them in person and disturb the owners every time if they still live in the house.

By the way, if someone really live in the house that is for sale, then a virtual tour can be a salvation. We are sure you will agree that the owner doesn’t always has time for a general cleaning before each visit. But a mess can so strongly affect the emotions of a sensitive potential buyer that he won’t even pay attention to a large, cozy courtyard and a comfortable layout.

3. The virtual tour allows you to manage the emotions of the client.

Taking a photo shoot on a sunny day and filming the room from the right angles is the best way to impress a client. On a virtual tour he is not distracted by extraneous sounds or smells that may be present in the house. But light is still of great importance. The potential buyer may come to see the house in the evening and that’s why he will never know how the living room is flooded with light at noon. When you pay to a virtual tour creator you decide what to draw the viewer’s attention to, and this gives you some control over the situation.

High cost and other cons of virtual tours

If we talk about an interactive tour, which allows the viewer to independently decide when to go first and what exactly to pay more attention, the price of a high-quality digital product in this case is quite high. 3D photos must be flawless and the loading speed fast, because no one will look at the page loading icon for too long.

In addition to high pricing, experienced agents often talk about the fact that the investment does not always pay off. Nobody buys a house after watching a virtual tour. This is almost always not enough. A virtual tour can be a nice bonus, but no one makes a decision just because of it.

Often a virtual tour does not allow you to hide any visible flaws in real estate. The client can zoom in and examine each corner in detail, and this is a big minus of interactivity. Nobody says that the buyer should be deceived. But it is better for him to learn about some things in the presence of an agent who can smooth the situation and explain why this or that deficiency does not have such a great importance. But if your client goes for a virtual tour singly, you will not have the opportunity to convince him.

Moreover, it makes no sense to go in search of a virtual tour maker if you are selling an empty property. In this case the best way to explain to the client how everything can be arranged is virtual staging services. You can see such examples of our work on the website.

If you want to lead this game, you can order virtual tour from us as an additional service. For just a few tens of dollars, we will arrange the best real estate photos in the right order, add the right music and create the complete illusion of a walk around the property. If you need a creator of quality and effective content for your ad, you are in the right place. Contact us for details.

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