Virtual Home Tour

A house virtual tour is one more implement that agents have at their disposal. If you know all the possibilities of this tool and use it correctly, then even luxury properties, which always take a little longer to sell, will play out quickly and with even greater profit.

What the most important task does a company that makes a virtual tour?

To answer this question imagine yourself as a real estate buyer. Here you go to the site and see hundreds or even thousands of ads. You will immediately exclude some from the list by setting up a filter. And now you have a hundred advertisements for sale of houses in front of you, which more or less suit you in terms of price, location and area.

Suppose the range of search has narrowed, but still we are talking about hundreds of ads. You can, of course, open and view everything, but you, like all of us, don’t have much time. Therefore, you, most likely, will discover exactly what will stand out from the background of others, what will be the first to catch your eye. And the secret is that agents and homeowners who know how to make their ads attractive get everything: a lot of calls, a lot of offers, a quick sale and great benefits.

That is why the main task is to make your ad attractive to potential customers. To do this, you are required to properly assess the property and provide as much information as possible. In the same time our main task is to take care of the visual part. After viewing the ad, the client should get the impression that he has just visited this house. This is exactly what virtual tours are for.

Is the cost of an interactive tour justified?

In general, more likely “yes” than “no” when it comes to properties with a high price for sale. But every agent should take into account the fact that a virtual 3D tour doesn’t always live up to their expectations. This is largely due to the image quality and download speed. Just believe, if a client needs to wait 5 or more minutes to load your interactive tour, then most likely he will scroll through your ad and move on.

In most cases, high quality real estate photos in the correct order are sufficient. If you like, we can add musical. Another way to give the client the opportunity to feel like inside the house is the quality filmed and edited video. If everything is done correctly by the professionals, then even a few images and a few stills will be enough to make the client want to walk around the house, live, and not virtually.

And one more nuance: before ordering a virtual tour, you need to make sure that everything looks perfect. If rooms is littered with old furniture, the shabby wall decoration and worn floors catch the eye, then a walk through such a house, even if virtual, will not give pleasure to anyone. The same goes for completely empty houses. So, the presence of a basement room or an additional room in the attic is, of course, more a plus than a minus. But, if you order a virtual staging and show the client how this additional space can be used, then such work will be more useful than virtual walks among empty walls.

There are our phone numbers on the site and we are waiting for your calls. If you want that your potential client feels how comfortable your house is and how happy he can be there, just contact us. We have a lot of tools, techniques, professional equipment and experience for this. So we will do our best for your profit sale.

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