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To be successful in the real estate market, it is not enough to be a good specialist. You also need to be able to prove it. Nobody will ever know about your experience, achievements, great deals, and loyal rates if you do not tell about it yourself. Today you have many tools for this: social networks, messengers, your sites, and blogs. Here’s just one snag in using all these possibilities – you need content, a lot of quality professional content. Therefore, it is great that you have our company contact details. We will help you to present yourself and the property you are selling in the best possible light.

3 tips for the best agent video

  • Be confident…Many people have a fear of deals and signing documents. Many do not understand anything at all and are very afraid to make decisions. Here, in general, nothing is surprising, because we are talking about big money. Therefore, the main message that should come from you and your real estate agent video is confidence. The client should feel that he can trust you and you will provide everything. For sure, recalling your experience and the number of successful deals will not be superfluous. Another good idea is to back up your words with real reviews from grateful customers.
  • but not narcissistic. This is the other extreme, which is very often seen when reviewing agent videos. Try to be as natural as possible in the frame, smile where appropriate, and show your sincere willingness to cooperate.
  • Use professional equipment and light. We are talking about your self-presentation and your image, so editing, picture, lighting – everything must be flawless. A high-quality picture will speak of your professionalism and responsible approach to work. You are not an amateur trying to take selfies but a true professional. Isn’t that the impression you want to make?

Agent promotion from Abstract View Marketing

With a video presentation from our company, you can confidently declare yourself on the real estate market. We have been working with agents and doing property photos and videos in Brisbane for more than 7 years, so we understand well what should be emphasized to bring you success. Contact us to discuss details and shooting dates. We’ll show you in detail how to best prepare for shooting a video and where to start, even if you have no idea what it might look like. We have good real estate video rates and look forward to long-term cooperation!

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