Property Marketing Videos

There is no doubt that video is one of the most effective property marketing tools out there. Counting on a high ROI, short original videos are used by professionals in all fields. Real estate agents are no exception. Those of them who use this communication channel are much more successful in their business. At least, this is evidenced by social polls among those who are looking for or selling housing. 73% of the surveyed respondents answered that when choosing a real estate agent, they would prefer a specialist who works with video.

This is a large percentage and it can become a driving force in your business. While your competitors are stopped by the lack of time, knowledge, skills, or desire to study and implement this marketing tool, you can contact us and get one step ahead.

How to use a unique video?

1. Place in an ad.

No matter how eloquent your text is, the video is still better. An ad that contains a short video is opened and viewed more often. Largely due to the fact that the most active channel of information perception for most people is visual. Describe your property in words and after a while potential clients will be able to remember no more than 10% of what they read. But if they see the video about your property, then up to 95% of the information will remain in their memory.


2. Place in social networks.

If you use social networks in your work, then you are already one step ahead of your competitors. If you post best videos of real estate on social networks, then you are already two steps ahead. The main thing is to remember that the abundance of bright pictures and videos on social networks forces users to be selective. No one will waste time on a dim video captured with a smartphone camera with poor stabilization. In order not only to attract, but also to retain attention, the content must be of high quality. Contact us to get the best videos for your work.

3. Place in a mailing.

Very often we don’t read corporate letters and send them to spam for one reason – we are bored. Start your message with a short video and the chances that your recipients will read the letter to the end will increase.

Don’t forget that you can shoot a video not only about real estate, but also about yourself. Visitors to your site will be interested to learn about all your benefits as a specialist by watching a professional video. Light, good angle, high-quality image will help to impress your potential clients.

In addition, real estate video on a website is not only a powerful marketing tool but also a way to improve your position on search engine SERPs. In this case there are a lot of ideas to shooting. We can create video about your company, agents, flexible schedule and of course objects to sale or rent.

What services do we offer?

  • One stop service. Here you can order everything you need for your work. There are real estate photos, floor plans, aerial videography of the surroundings, virtual staging. By ordering package services, you can save money.

  • We use the best equipment, follow industry trends and create an up-to-date product.

  • We understand how much time means in your work, and therefore we do our job quickly. You will be able to receive the materials the very next day after shooting.

The video that your client sees is your face and part of your reputation. If you value it, partner with professionals and offer your customers the best video product. Leave a request on this site or call to contact us. We work with property photo- and videography almost 10 years. There are many our regular customers among real estate agencies in Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast. We will help you sell your property quickly and profitably.

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