Property Video Maker

It may seem that today a camera in a smartphone is in each pocket so anyone can make real estate photos. When we talk about personal photos and selfies it is can be true. But let’s be honest: a phone camera cannot expose professional lighting, choose the desired angle and create presentations. We have made great progress in mastering new technologies, and nevertheless, the work of professional property video makers has not decreased. The camera really and some special software can do a lot, but all this will work for your benefit only in the hands of a professional.To check you can make two ads for the same property, at the same price. But in one place a video captured on a smartphone camera yourself, and in the other – a real estate video shooted and retouched by a professional property videographer. Then compare the difference between the number of calls and, most importantly, between the customers who call. If you are selling a one-room apartment with a combined bathroom, this way of promotion can work. But selling premium real estate without professional video is no longer possible today.When competitors are breathing in you back, there is no time to stop and learn the features of a video processing app. Although such software for a fixed amount or monthly subscription can be found on the Internet without any problems.

Real estate agent introduction video is another promising direction

Choosing a professional from this or that sphere of life, we often make decisions intuitively. In relation to the real estate agent this is also half true. The video will give an opportunity to show your charisma, add a personal context to the communication and arouse the client’s sympathy even before meeting you. On the other hand, through video, we can also influence the rational part. In a short, understandable form tell about your experience, principles of work, and the number of successful transactions.Our property videographers have a wide range of professional skills that enable them to shoot both real estate and the people who work with it. We will show you and your work in the best possible light. By the way, if time is an important factor for you, then this is another reason to contact us. We give the finished edited footage from the shooting the next day.

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