Preparing Property for Sale

Armed with modern equipment and software, the photographer today is a true wizard. He can remove anything from photos, mask not only minor flaws, but also large ones. If necessary, we can arrange new furniture and interior items in your house (take a look at the section “virtual staging” on this website and see it for yourself by looking at the photos before and after processing).In the photo we can change everything, but such a radical approach is unlikely to be the best strategy when selling real estate. As we say in the circle of photographers, it is better to spend 15 minutes cleaning a room than an hour on processing a photo. That’s why preparing property for sale, and therefore for a photo shoot, you should nevertheless show some attention to details.

How to prepare a house for a photo shoot before the sale?

Let’s start with the yard. Empty boxes, buckets, toys need to be put away. Sometimes a pair of children’s things, a bicycle or a soccer ball can become part of the composition, but if so, we will think about it on the spot. Leaves and debris must be removed. The lawn should look neat and tidy. The garage doors in the photo must be closed. If there are any cracks or scratches in the exterior of the house, of course it is better to repair them. We will be able to remove minor imperfections from the photo, but don’t forget that sooner or later the client will still come to see the house live. Therefore, the smaller the discrepancy between his expectations and reality, the better. When you prepare house for sale general cleaning inside will also not be superfluous. Try to hide all personal items in drawers and cabinets. Toothbrushes in the bathroom, scattered toys in the nursery, a dog bowl and shoes in the hallway are normal and very important part of everyday life. But it will be better if this personal part is still hidden from prying eyes.The fact is that, looking at the real estate photos, the future client should imagine himself as the owner of this house. And you must admit that it is difficult to imagine yourself as the owner of someone else’s dirty dishes in the sink. That’s why it’s better to wash it and put in the kitchen cabinet, like any other kitchen utensils that are on the tables. And, of course, one of the most important points is clean windows. If we shoot a living room flooded with light in the morning, then the stains on the windows will greatly spoil the overall impression. If you need more detailed recommendations, please contact our managers. They will help you to book the right time for the shooting and tell you how to prepare for it.

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