Property Marketing Solutions

Today, real estate agents have many tools at their disposal. With the help of the Internet you can find your clients wherever they are. To do this, you can and should use all possible communication channels:

  • own website;

  • YouTube channel;

  • profiles on social networks;

  • mailing;

  • mobile apps;

  • ads in messengers, etc.

It would seem that it is not difficult but there is one problem. It is the abundance of information. Just imagine how many vivid photos, videos, articles, posts, and ads are dumped on your potential client every day. To get his attention your company needs to stand out at least. But even this may not be enough. It's not enough to get attention. You need to keep it by using different property marketing solutions.

What can we offer to fill your website?

  • Real estate photography. We will convey not only the atmosphere but also the mood. Our team has been working in this direction for over 10 years. We know how to photograph your property so that people would like to buy it.

  • Floor plans. Instead of explaining to the client for a long time how the rooms are located, we can draw a plan and make your work easier.

  • Virtual staging. It is not easy to sell an apartment in which someone is currently living. But we can remove the old furnishings from the photos and draw a new one. Let's show your client what their dream home can be!

  • Real estate videography. If your client is so busy that he doesn't have time to look through dozens of photos, let's show him a video. It takes a little time, but it looks professional and impressive.

  • Aerial photography. If the surroundings of your property, size of the block or landscape of your land can affect the price, we are obliged to show it in all their glory. A professional drone camera will do this best.

When ordering several services, you get a discount. Working with us is profitable not only because of the good price but also because of the fast deadlines. You can pick up the materials the next day after shooting.

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