House Photography Services

According to the website, the Internet is the first and the most important source of information for 92% of people who have ever looked for house to rent or buy. Therefore, it is not surprising why realtors devote so much time and effort to online marketing. And it is quite natural that the first and the most important method in this case is, of course, photographs. Real estate agencies and private realtors who work in tandem with a professional photographer are always more successful in their field. They get better properties, more solvent clients and, therefore, a larger percentage of deals. Whichever tool you use to promote on the Internet you can do nothing without high-quality photos of real estate. To fill a site, social networks, instant messengers, you need bright images that will attract attention and keep it on your ad. No matter how long and detailed you describe a cozy living room, which is flooded with soft sunlight every morning, one single photo can in this case replace hundreds of words. Nobody is attracted to letters, especially when there are many of them. Neither we, nor you, nor your clients have time for long stories. “Show me the photo and tell the price” – is what everyone who flips through the ads actually thinks.

10 photos inside and 10 outside – no one has enough patience for more

It may seem that we are crazy. We take high-quality photos and it is in our interests that you order more of them. But in fact, our only and the most important task is to help you to sell or rent your property. In this case photos, floor plans, virtual staging and other house photography services are just tools for achieving the main goal. Of course, when there are a few photos in an ad, the impression arises as if you are hiding or not saying something. When there are too many photos, it seems that you simply don’t respect your client’s time. Therefore, we will not say that you definitely need a hundred photographs of a house from every corner. The golden mean is important.A camera lens in the hands of a professional can do wonders. Using special settings, we can show the whole room in one photo. Now imagine yourself in the client’s shoes. Will you prefer 3-4 photos of the same room taken with a phone camera from different angles or one professional photo? In the second case, the client immediately gets all pieces of puzzle together in his head, everything falls into their places and there is no need to describe for a long time where the windows are, where the doors are and where the exit to the garden is. Everything is clear at a glance. Quickly, efficiently and professionally. If you prefer the same approach to work, we will certainly find a common language with you.

The cost of house photography services

We have been working in the real estate market for over 6 years and during this time we have witnessed the emergence of many new tools. Some appear and disappear, others remain for a long time. Real estate photography, video, drone footage, floor plans, and virtual staging are what has proven to be effective in daily work of real estate agents and brings them considerable profits. Since our main task is not just to photograph the house, but to help you to sell it, we use all the tools that have already been listed for this. If you want, we will take some good photos, and if necessary, we will immediately shoot a video, draw a plan and do a virtual setting. You can find out the prices of our services by leaving a request on the website. But clients who work with a large number of properties, order often and a lot, can always count on a special prices and conditions to cooperation.

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