Property Photographer Pro

Nobody can afford to do their job poorly. Especially if you are a real estate agent. In this case competitors will quickly bypass you. Real estate photography pro is playing in your team and going to help you.

Ways to best show the property interior

  • Real estate photos and video. Our company has been working with photographs for the real estate market for almost 10 years. We will provide you with stunning pictures and videos, taking a minimum of your time. You can pick up the materials the next day after the shooting.

  • Virtual staging. The main thing that the client should like is the atmosphere of the property. But it is not so easy to convey the desired feeling if people now live in a house or in an apartment that is for sale. Even general cleaning may not always help in this case. However, the same applies to completely empty houses. Both that and another sometimes cause strange mixed feelings among clients, it is difficult for them to imagine themselves inside this property as the owners. Fortunately, modern technology and applications can help them do this. We will take a photo of the property and then furnish it in accordance with the latest fashion trends. You will receive photos of the house everyone wants to live in.

  • Floor plans. Not everyone has enough spatial thinking to easily imagine the layout of rooms by reading an ad or looking at a few photos. We will help your clients orient themselves inside and draw up a plan. We have simple and more detailed floor plans at your choice.

How to take the best photos exterior?

The exterior plays a huge role in the decision to rent or buy a property. Therefore, it is in the interests of the real estate agent to draw the client's attention to this moment even at the stage of viewing the ad. For this, a professional photographer has several tools at his disposal. There are a photo and video camera, some modern software, and, of course, a drone.

We will create stunning aerial photography that will take your client’s breath away. If there is a park, school, supermarket, convenient transport interchange in the vicinity, we will show it and add points to your property.

AbstractView is the place where you can order all services at the same time. You won't need to look for a photographer, then a videographer, and someone who works with drones or draws plans, we can even add copywriting to your package. Contact us to get everything in one place at an affordable price.

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