House for Sale Photos

Fortunately, we have less and less to explain why we need professional photos to sell a house.This is well understood by real estate agents who are forced to monitor market trends because this is a huge part of their activity. Even owners who sell their own property, without the involvement of agents, first look at the listings of competitors and make sure that they can’t do anything without professional real estate photos.

There are, of course, those who try to save money and take photos of their house by themselves using a smartphone. But looking through the listings, you will definitely notice the difference. After all, it is not only a matter of professional lighting and modern technology. Only someone who has made hundreds of photoshoots of houses can know that it is better to remove the curtains from the window, otherwise, they will scatter daylight and the window will appear dirty. There are hundreds of such secrets and life hacks. If your house will be photographed by a professional, you will be surprised how much more light, spacious and comfortable it will turn out on the photography.

How to distinguish a professional photographer from an amateur?

  1. Real estate experience.

The person who will help you sell the house should not only be able to handle the camera well and doing beautiful pictures, he needs experience in the real estate market. We have ten years of work in this area. Our client list includes more than 60 agencies.

  1. A portfolio.

Better than any words about the photographer say his work. There are many examples of our real estate photos on our website. Looking through these photos, you will see for yourself how much importance we pay to detail. We value our reputation, therefore we always try to do better and more than our clients expect from us.

  1. Punctuality.

An efficient photographer works quickly. It’s a shame to lose time and money because of a photographer who can’t finish his work on time. We give photos the day after shooting, because the sooner you place your listing, the faster you will find a client.


So it is comfortable that here is the place when you can find all services you need. There are breathtaking pictures of surroundings from a drone, dramatic videos, and detailed floor plans. Everything that you need to do there is to clean your house, to remove personal things, and then contact us to discuss pricing and book a date for shooting.

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