How To Get House Photos

For some reason, in some photos we like ourselves, while others ask to remove further from our eyes. The same story can happen with your house. Try throw away the tripod, turning on the flash, and using a wide angle lens. If after this someone calls on your ad, consider that a miracle has happened. Because if you want that your house looks in the photo like the coziest nest, and the phone explodes from customer messages, actually, you need to do the opposite.

The best 3 tips for real estate photos

1. Using the tripod. First of all, it’s really convenient. Secondly, this is the only way to create the correct proportions in the photo. Just remember first main rule how to get real estate photos: take a tripod and position the camera parallel to the floor. All vertical straight lines – cabinets, shelves, trees – should remain straight and strictly vertical in the photo as in life.

2. The tripod should be positioned below eye level. If you want your photo to look stylish, like in a magazine or a brochure, consider this nuance. Photos from a height of human growth immediately betray a beginner. Mount the camera approximately 1 meter from the floor. This will make the room look more spacious and voluminous.

3. Forget about lenses with wide angle. We agree that sometimes the temptation to show the whole room in one photo is too great. But leave this trick to professional photographers. So that your house doesn’t look like a palace of crooked mirrors, it is better to forget about such lenses for a while. Sometimes it is better to show only part of the room in the photo for ads but keep all the angles and proportions.

Each house, like a person, has its own atmosphere. The play of light and shadows is the only way to catch it in the photo. So, we want to give you one more tip. Many people already know about it, but nevertheless, just in case, we remind you that natural daylight is your best assistant. Artificial light from lamps often looks too cold, uncomfortable and repulsive in the photo. Just open the curtains – that’s the whole secret. As for photographs of the house outside and photographs of the courtyard, the best shots are obtained about 20 minutes after sunset. Use slow shutter speeds instead of flash and you will be amazed at how cozy your house seems.

In fact, this is only a small part of the knowledge that a professional real estate photographer owns. Therefore, if you need help, you have our contacts. We will take great photos for your ad and help you sell your property quickly and profitably.

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