Real Estate Marketing Help

Many marketers talk about the high level of photo and video effectiveness as a marketing tool. That’s the main reason why a big percentage of real estate agents actively implement this opportunity in their daily work routine. We offer you to join them. Let's shoot a professional photo and video and sell your property quickly and profitably.

How does our company can help to do your job better and earn more?

Real estate marketing help from professional photo and videographers can save you a lot of time.

  1. You won’t need to write a long text for listing, trying to explain by words the location of the rooms, their shape, and repair status. A few professional photos will show many specific details, which create a unique atmosphere of your house or apartment. In the property video we will show everything that the client should know before you meet with him.

  2. You will save time on phone calls and answers to endless questions. The floor plan, photos, and video will answer all the most frequently asked questions of customers instead of you.

  3. You won’t need to explain to the client for a long time how much the price is favorable for him. The high-quality photos and videos allow you to show the client all the benefits and keep within just a few minutes. To convince someone you will need much less time and effort.

  4. You won’t need to learn how to work with photos or video makers, how to make floor plans, and more else. Even the most up-to-date applications won’t help to create a high-quality result from poorly shot material. Remember that a badly shot clip can only make it worse. Choosing the wrong time of day for filming or the wrong foreshortening, you can spoil the impression of the brightest and most spacious room. Be careful and don’t engage in amateur performances if you are not confident in your skills as a photographer and videographer. Just contact us and we will do everything at the highest level.

  5. As practice shows, professional photo and video increase the number of listings views and calls at least 3 times. This means that your chances of quickly selling real estate and earning your interest increase at least 3 times too.


Just imagine how long the listing text should be if you decide to answer in it all the questions that are in the mind of a potential client. Who are the neighbors? Where is the nearest park and supermarket located? How long does it take to get to the nearest school? We can show all this on video in the best light with the help of professional equipment and a drone.


Cooperating with us you will always be one step ahead of competitions. Contact us if you want to know our video and real estate photography rates. Looking ahead we say that we have competitive prices and top quality service in Brisbane region. We are waiting for your call. Book a convenient date and get ready-made materials for you listing the very next day.

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