Real Estate Videography in Brisbane

Many of us still remember the time when thousands of newspaper pages had to be scrolled for housing searches. Then a lot was solved with the help of original phrases and sentences. But today, the one successful property photography can replace a hundred words. We will even say more: the one successful video can replace a hundred unprofessional photos.

The listings with property videos are the ones that pay attention to property seekers the most. This isn’t a secret, but a long-known fact. Here are statistics that speak louder than words. After publishing a listing with a video, the number of calls from those who are looking for some property grows at least four times. This trend is understood by everyone who has been looking for or buying a property in recent times. That’s why 7 out of 10 owners and buyers have replied that they would prefer to deal with an agent who works with video (according to U.S. Association of Unmanned Aerial Videographers).

The importance of such a tool as the real estate videography is no longer in doubt. That’s why so many people try to shoot the video by themselves. Why not? After all, a smartphone with a camera today is in the pocket of each of us. Moreover, there are a lot of applications with which you can then mount the footage in a good video. If you also think so, then we must upset you. No one amateur real estate video shot by a layman on his smartphone can be compared to professional real estate videography, which promises a stream of interested customers, and, consequently, a quick and profitable transaction.

Why is downloading a real estate videography app from some website a bad idea?

  1. You can spend half a day to shoot the video, the duration is only 3 minutes, and then the same amount for its edition by an app. The result is a whole working day wasted. Why will it be a waste?
  2. Because without professional equipment, cameras, drones, stabilizers, reflectors, you can’t count on a more or less tolerable result. Video shot on a smartphone may be suitable for social networks. But selling real estate is not about shooting a fun movie in the tik-tok. This is the complex multi-step process and the quality of the video solves a lot.
  3. If we are talking about luxury real estate, it’s generally better to hide your smartphone away. You must clearly understand the tastes and interests of your target audience by shooting a video presentation of your property. It’s very doubtful that a person who is going to spend several million on buying a property will spend time watching a low-quality video.

We are sure that everyone who at least once tried to independently make such videos without professional equipment and experience remained disappointed. All these attempts are wasted time. And the pricing of the real estate videography by professionals is much lower than the price of the time that you will spend on your attempts to save.

What is included in the cost of our services?

We are responsible for our work. Over the past 10 years, we have been working in the real estate market and are better than others guided by its trends. The first thing to do before turning on the camera is to deal with the target audience. The same property can be represented in the video in completely different ways.

No matter how rational a person may be, he is primarily an emotional being. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are driven by emotions. Therefore, exactly what emotions your client should experience when watching a video will be a decisive moment for us when we will be writing a script.

What do we offer?

  • Professional equipment.
  • Shooting indoors and outdoors.
  • Taking video of the area around the property and the surrounding area using a drone.
  • Video editing.
  • At the request of the client, we add more effective musical accompaniment, text, information.

The price of the real estate videography depends mainly on the length of the video. Usually, 1-3 minutes is enough to show the main advantages of your property. If the video is shot professionally, this time will be enough for your client to have the right impression and a desire to dial your phone number.Of course, we can shoot videos of any length. But our main goal is to help you sell real estate, and not spend money in vain.

Your partners and competitors who are looking for a videographer in Brisbane choose our company because:

  • they can immediately order the whole package of services, there are residential and aerial photography, floor plans and virtual staging;
  • we have the best rates and flexible system of discounts;

our company have professional photographers/videographers, who already have done a thousand photos and videos of various real estate objects, architectural structures, yachts, etc .;

  • at our disposal there are the most modern equipment and software;
  • we work quickly and give the material the day after shooting.

The examples of our professional real estate video you can see on this website. Contact us to discuss the date of shooting and prices.