Hotel Interior Photography

More than 7 billion people live on Earth and are constantly on the move. Of course, not all of them travel and go on business trips, nevertheless the potential audience of hotels and resorts is huge. Crowds of tourists, travelers, workers constantly come to Australia and all of them need to live somewhere. Now imagine yourself as one of these movers. What do you first look at when choosing a hotel room? Of course, at the price. But now you have sorted all offers and are comparing between those that are in the same price category. Naturally, you will be interested in photos.

How to cooperate with a professional photographer for the best possible result?

Hotel photography is a separate area in the image industry. This is a real art, which has a lot of special techniques and secrets at its disposal. It rarely happens that the same photographer is shooting a wedding ceremony today, portraits tomorrow, and the next day he will go to shoot hotel interior. As a rule, if you need a professional, you should look for narrow specialists.

In our team, we have hotel photographers who have already got a lot of experience while photographing real estate, apartments, houses and, of course, hotel rooms. Nevertheless, we have to admit that not everything depends on the photographer alone. There are several things that may be required from the customer.

1. Be there and talk to the photographer.

Not that we really needed support, but, you must admit, no one knows your hotel better than you. Of course, we can go around the territory ourselves and take pictures of the brightest places, but it would be better if you at least set the direction. No one knows the history of this place better than you, its features and, of course, the preferences of your clients.

2. Fix bugs along the way.

Trust our experience, it’s better to spend 2 minutes hiding the wires than trying to remove them in Photoshop for 20 minutes. During shooting, completely different nuances can be revealed. Somewhere the dust will not be wiped, somewhere there are not enough white sheets, somewhere one of the lamps will not light up. This is another reason why it is better to have you or one of your managers by photographer side.

3. Remove all unnecessary things.

A brochure with the opening hours of the restaurant and reception phones, menus, TV and air conditioning remotes, coffee and tea accessories – all these are certainly important things, but they are not needed in the photo. Before shooting it is better to walk through the room and remove all unnecessary small things that always give the impression of a mess, even if they are strictly in their places. But what, on the contrary, can come in handy, is a bouquet of flowers. The main thing is not to overdo it with the grotesque. Sometimes one orchid in a laconic vase is enough.

Of course, this is not all. The professional real estate photographer has a ton of secrets in store. For example, you can use scotch tape to keep the curtain line perfectly straight. And so that the pillow in the photo does not look like a deflated balloon, it is better if there are two of them in one pillowcase. You will find about any of this during the shooting. We promise that it will be interesting.

Where can you ask about hotel photo rates?

Our contacts are on the site and we are open for cooperation. You can call us and our manager will tell you everything in detail. Also join us on social networks. There are so many examples of our work that will help you get inspired and find some interesting idea. By the way, Instagram also has our current pricing list. Of course, the exact amount of the order, when it comes to large shooting, we always negotiate individually.

Call us and book the date of shooting in order to get even more customers from your website and from with the help of stunning photos.