Commercial Real Estate Photographer

Can you imagine a real estate ad without photos? It’s absolutely impossible, because every real estate agent understands, that no one has time to read his long descriptions. Instead of saying a dozen words, it’s better to show one commercial real estate photography, which has been made by a professional. An image shouted by a professional photographer armed with the newest equipment and software creates a sense of presence. This is a very effective technique that can increase the number of responses to your ad or advertisement several times.

main reasons to use our services

  • Our thorough preparation will be the key to your success. The term “commercial property photography” is used in a very broad sense. Much will depend on your goals and target audience preferences. We always take these points into account when preparing for shooting warehouses, shops, offices and other commercial buildings. For example, to take a photo of a conference room, sometimes can be appropriate even set up a real meeting. But it depends on the circumstances and such a decision can be made only after a careful analysis of the preferences of your target audience.
  • Only modern technical equipment and software. We have everything to take of stunning pictures. The company “Abstract View” also provides comprehensive services and, in addition to several commercial photos, we can make floor plans, drone photography, and virtual staging. After all, the more information your potential client receives at the stage of viewing the ad, the higher your chances of a quick and profitable deal.
  • We propose quality and speed. You can see examples of our previous works both on the website and in the Instagram profile. If you need the same photos of real estate, you can get them the very next day after shooting. Time is one of the most important factors in the work of a realtor, so we always try to do everything quickly. As we said, this depends a lot on careful preparation.

Saving on photo shoots and taking pictures with a smartphone camera is an approach that immediately betrays a beginner. A professional photo is an investment that has a low cost but gives a great result. So you can see our current rates on the Instagram page in saved stories. If you have any questions, please contact us right now. We will tell you in detail how much time it may take for a photo session and how to prepare for it.

If you are satisfied with our pricing, what to do next?

We take care of many organizational issues, nevertheless, general cleaning is best done the day before. As though skillfully our photographers work in Photoshop, it is not worth to overdo in retouching if we want to get a high-quality realistic photo. Therefore, if the cords that stretch across the floor can be hidden, it is better to do so. The same applies to windows. Shooting on a sunny day assumes that the slightest flaws will be visible in the frame. The cleanliness of windows, doors, and other mirrored surfaces is the first thing a property photographer should check before getting a lens.

Another important point concerns the presence of people in the frame. Sometimes buyers or office workers in the shot can be part of the production, but this is rather the exception to the rule. Therefore, you will need to warn your employees about the upcoming photo session and agree on a work schedule in such a way that we do not interfere with each other in doing our work.

It is also worth noting that a commercial real estate photo session involves filming not only inside, but also outside the building. Therefore, when ordering a general cleaning, one should not forget about the yard. To present the commercial property, you may need to photograph a parking lot, entrance, backyard. This will largely depend on your priorities and budget. All you need is good weather, a tripod, and a professional photographer.

The competition among real estate agents in Brisbane is intense. Stand out by partnering with the best. We will help you to correctly place accents, present your property in the most favorable light, and conclude a profitable deal.