Classic Yacht Photographer

Photographing a yacht is not easy, but nevertheless necessary. Trying to sell a boat worth several hundred thousand, but skimping on a professional photo session is a bad idea. Not everyone can take more or less a good picture of a straight house, not to mention a yacht. In addition to the fact that it is located on a huge reflector of the sun’s rays — on the water, there are a lot factors which can interfere with a non-professional. And wind, glare, constant rocking are just several of them. But you don’t just want to take a beautiful photo, you want to take a creative photo, with meaning, atmosphere and staging. In this case, you have the contacts of our agency – we are always waiting for your calls.

In the meantime, we will reveal a few secrets for those who are taking their first steps as a yacht photographer and want to test their strength.

How to capture luxury atmosphere in a photo?

1. A yacht photographer is a morning person.

To be honest, we often have to give up a long sweet dream in favor of a high-quality yacht photography. This is because it is very difficult to get a good picture of the yacht when the sun is already at its zenith. The daylight is too cold for such pictures. Too contrasts and dark shadows – this is what you can get if you sleep until lunch. In that case, it’s better to wait for the sunset. The yacht will look even more luxurious in the rays of the evening sun.

2. Don’t get too distracted by the background.

When you’re taking creative photos for your soul, you can focus on anything. But if we need a classic photo for posting in an advertisement for the sale of a yacht, then we need to be able to control our creative passion. Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking to buy a yacht and looking at an ad. What would you like to see first? A beautiful background or a photograph showing the condition of the deck? Details in this sense are of great importance, so you cannot do without macro photography.

3. If there is water, then there must be splashes.

So it is, but photographing the splashing waves for a beginner can be a real challenge. To pass it with honor and still catch the wave, use a faster shutter speed. Because if you decide to zoom in, the camera will shake more, and a fast shutter speed will help to manage it.

4. What to do with rocking?

Every photographer knows that in order for a best photo, you need to stand on your own two feet. But that won’t work with a yacht. Of course, some photos can be taken from the shore, but what if you need to photograph the snow-white sails stretched by the wind from the deck? We always recommend using a tripod for better stabilization, but this may be unsafe in this case. If you don’t want to fish the camera out of the water, hold it firmly in your hands and turn on the stabilization mode.

5. Try to play with color.

Dark blue waves, light blue skies and a snow-white yacht – all this is perfectly combined in one color composition. But let’s be honest, the eye needs to catch something. Especially if we are not talking about a single photo at the exhibition, but about advertisements, which you can view dozens per day. Therefore, if you feel creative potential in yourself, you can try to dilute the composition with some yellow or red details. For examples, a few guys in red sweaters on a yacht that rushes to the red-topped lighthouse will attract attention and be remembered immediately.

Where can you see our rates and contacts?

No matter how romantic the profession of a photographer may seem, it takes time to master it. If you don’t have this time and you need to take a photo urgently, please contact us. Subscribe also to our Instagram, there are many examples of our work and current prices in the saved stories.

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