Resort Photographer

There are many secrets and tricks for high-quality resort photography. Most of them about choosing the right light to make the atmosphere seem as cozy and relaxed as possible. There are also many recommendations for composition and styling. Although this area refers to real estate photography, it still has a lot of specific nuances. It is here that the atmosphere is most important and we know how to make your hotel a big dream.

How to photograph luxury resorts?

There are a few things we will ask you to do in preparation for shooting. And the first is to remove all unnecessary things. Of course, in a luxury hotel there can be no sticking wires or not enough white sheets, but this is not about that. Remotes, brochures, bathroom accessories – all this, of course, are necessary for your guest, but it looks out of place in the photo. Such details only distract attention and create an atmosphere of slight chaos, but everything in the room should be perfect.

Another interesting technique is effect of presence. For example, we can make an open magazine, two glasses of wine or a cup of hot coffee part of the exhibition. But it’s important not to overdo it with this method. Generally, less is always better. Do not distract the viewer’s attention from expensive finishes, furniture and exclusive interior details, which are always the highlight of luxury resorts.

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