AirBnb Photography Service

If you’ve had time to browse the AirBnb site, you’ve probably noticed how many articles in their blog are devoted to how to do airbnb photography right. The founders of a company that has gone from an original idea of two designers in San Francisco to a multi-million dollar international business in less than 15 years likely know what they are talking about. Those who still believe that the photos taken with the camera of the latest iPhone are enough will be very surprised by the statistics that we will show below.

Why do professional photographs cost their money?

Those who have already asked this question decided to study the statistics in detail and find out everything. For the study 10 different apartments were taken, which in the first year were rented out without a professional photo session, and a year later their owners ordered a photo service. The analysts from HOUST ( studied the statistics for the first and second year for each apartment and came to interesting conclusions.

After a professional photo session, apartments began to be rented more often. If before that the apartment could be occupied 10 days a month, then after photo shooting – at least 12. In general, the growth of occupation for all property was 18.7%. Considering the price of a photo shoot and the effort spent on calling a professional airbnb photographer, this is a huge percentage. It turns out that a photo session is an investment that pays off in the first month.

We know that there are skeptics for whom these statistics are not enough. After all, you can always lower the rental price, right? Then it turns out that the property is rented more often, but the owner earns the same or even less. But this is the catch, that the daily rental price of these apartments not only has not been reduced, but also increased by an average of 16.4%.

Now try to calculate how much more you can earn if your property is rented out more often and more expensively. The apartment owners that were analyzed were able to earn 73% more in the second year. Not a bad result for an investment with such low rates as a photo shoot.

A few tips from a studio with 7 years of experience

If we have not been able to convince you and you still prefer to photograph your property in Brisbane by your self, take a few simple tips. Using them, you are unlikely to get exactly the same result that a professional could guarantee, but at least you will make your photos much better.

1.Daily light is your best friend.

When looking at photos, we analyze a lot of nuances subconsciously. One of these nuances is the general mood. Never photograph your property in the evening. Twilight photos can be a very interesting technique, but, firstly, we are only talking about photos outside the house, and secondly, a professional should do it, armed with modern equipment, a tripod and the knowledge of how to work with long exposure. For a beginner, the best time to take a photo is a sunny day. Open all the curtains, turn on the lights and get to work.

2. Pay attention to the camera angle.

Do you know why rooms in photos in magazines or advertising brochures always look more voluminous? They are never photographed from human height. Try to get a little lower and you will see that this angle will be much more successful. The second nuance is a forehead photo. Never point the lens at a wall, preferably at a corner. This will make the room appear more spacious and the overall photo will look better.

3. Clean up everything.

Imagine taking a photo not for Airbnb, but for some fashion magazine. Look at your room with the gaze of a famous designer. Place a stack of clean, fresh towels on the bed, match a pair of pillows the same color that curtains are, place a vase of flowers or a tray of coffee and croissant on the coffee table if you’re serving breakfast. Get creative. And remember: no cords, remotes and your personal stuff should be in the photo. Of course, it is not worth reminding that general cleaning is a prerequisite before any real estate photo session

4. Show your features.

Looking through hundreds of ads at a time, in the end we can forget where we started. So that your property is not forgotten, you need something to remember it. Perhaps you have a collection of old records, or an interesting selection of books, or you are serving tea in an original set. Take a picture of this and add it to your ad.

5. Don’t forget about the exterior.

The interior of your apartment, of course, is of great importance. But the general atmosphere of the house, the street is also important. Choose a sunny day and take a picture of the house, the street, the entrance to it, the patio.

All of these recommendations are not new. But if you do everything exactly as we advise, your real estate photos will come out much better. Well, those who still expect to earn more on their property contact us to sign up for a photo session.