Architectural Photography

An architectural photographer faces a complex and interesting task to resist the spirit of the times. Many don’t see the obvious difference between property and architectural photography. In both cases we take photos inside and out, put out the professional light, and think over locations and decorations. So what is the difference? Why are architectural photos valued higher and more expensive?

To answer this question, we must remember our goals. The main task of the real estate photographs is to draw attention to the listing, to impress, and to facilitate a quick sale. After the transaction is completed, no one will need these photos. Given that a professional photo session speeds up the sale, a month or two, the listing will forever disappear from the Internet. The property will be sold, so photos will be deleted or archived.

But when we talk about commercial or architectural photography, its lifespan is much longer. This is one of the most effective brand-building tools. These photos adorn company websites, handouts, letters to partners, and customers. These photos must be very impressive to stay relevant for a long time. That’s why we attach great importance to the composition of architectural photography.

Architectural photography rates

How much do our services cost? Here is the first question that we hear most often, but rarely can answer it right away. Imagine that you are going on vacation and want to rent a room. Even in the same hotel, the price for different rooms may differ by two or even three times. Because you can order breakfast or dinner, use the minibar or maid services, which will affect the amount in your check.

This is exactly the case with architectural photos. Of course we work with the most modern equipment, use all our experience and knowledge about the production frame. But there are some additional services that in one way or another can affect the pricing. Here are just a few of them:

  • aerial photography, the need to use a drone for shooting from a height;

  • number of locations in the script

  • rental of additional details

  • pay for model hours

  • basic or advanced retouching

  • shooting at twilight or in the conditions of a night city

  • a quantity of the photos

Why we are one of the best architectural photographers in Brisbane?

Photographing is an area of activity where a lot depends on the experience of the photographer. Our company offers you professionals who have been photographing real estate, architecture, landscape, yachts for more than 10 years. We know which shots are best taken at sunrise and which ones at sunset. Sometimes we are grateful for twilight for the most dramatic photos.

We know how to increase the level of trust in a particular company with the help of a successful photo. It may seem to some that this is impossible, but it is real. Most people are visuals. The photos that they see on your website or in your handout will affect their opinion on your products or services. If you produce high-quality goods, faithfully and selflessly provide services, sell premium real estate, professional photography will work even more to strengthen your image.

We work tirelessly on our reputation. Therefore we are constantly developing and striving to become even more useful to our customers. We give ready-made photos a few days a day after shooting and offer competitive and best prices. Contact us, and you will receive all services connected with property photography in one place. We also draw floor plans, shoot impressive video presentations, and do our best for your successful sales.